Microsoft Makes It Easier to Decline Windows 10

Microsoft recently announced a new Windows 10 upgrade policy just weeks after losing a US$10,000 case in a small claims court.

According to court documents, the owner of TG Travel Group in Sausalito, California,won a final judgment last month after she purported that her computer was upgraded to the latest operating system without prior notification or authorization. Now you can decline windows 10.

This just goes to show the level of customer disgruntlement with the Windows 10 upgrade process. Many customers felt Windows 10 had been forced on them without their approval and they complained that the uninstall process was nearly impossible to execute.

Grab the opportunity to get it now while it’s free

“The new experience has clearer options to upgrade now, choose a time or decline the free offer,” said Terry Myerson, executive vice president of the Windows and Devices Group.

If the red X is selected, it will dismiss the dialog box, and the company will notify the device again in a few days, he said.

Microsoft will continue to recommend Windows 10 installation until the free upgrade period expires on July 29, Myerson added.

“Thousands of engineers have been working on making Windows 10 the most secure version of Windows, helping to protect people from viruses, phishing, identity theft and more,” he said. “We’d like our customers to upgrade and improve their experience with Windows and Microsoft.”






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