The Association of Cameroonian Makeup Artists / Association Des Artistes Maquilleurs Camerounais (ACMA/AAMC) announces the first Edition of their meeting tomorrow  Saturday, August 20th 2016 at Hotel Le Nde  – Douala.


all cameroon makeup artist are invited
association of Cameroon makeup artist

The way women view makeup now has changed. Everyone wants to enhance their beauty and as well bring out their beautiful and outstanding features.  I love to see women wearing makeup especially when their cheekbones are well contoured. Makeup is slowly becoming a necessary skill for every woman. This has also prompted the Makeup and cosmetics sector  in Cameroon to grow, thus making it promising.

Makeups also act as a fashion statement and gives ladies an overall sophisticated look when done correctly. This  art has the ability to remove that beauty in you. There are a lot of successful makeup artists in Africa such as Anyi Asonganyi

Cameroon association of makeup artist meeting

This event welcomes  Cameroon’s professional makeup artists to come together to make working in the industry easier and better.   The  aim of this Association is to make the Makeup Industry in Cameroon as powerful and imposing as it should be. Inspired by the growing number of passionate makeup professionals, the Association aspires to create a platform to enhance the various makeup enterprises in the Country.
Cameroons Anyi Asonganyi . A successful Makeup artist
If you are a makeup artist or interested to be one, don’t forget to attend. This First Edition of Association of Cameroon Makeup Artists  is just for you.
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