Hello guys, here comes the voice of  Luma Terence a.k.a , Cameroon’s Finest  artist, founder and CEO of Lion Nation Entertainment Record Label based in Limbe, South West Region of Cameroon . Snazzy is a young talented Cameroonian artist who is so passionate about music, reggae/dancehall, in particular. This young talent has a vision for Cameroon’s music industry as he spends late night hours  at his studio working on music beats and training younger talents.

Afro Hustler had the opportunity to meet with this hustler to dig deep and know more about the Lion Nation Entertainment Record Label. Please just be patient enough to get a full story of Snazzy, Lion Entertainment Record Label and Cameroon music in this short interview.


Snazzy, Founder and CEO of Lion Nation Entertainment

 How did you get started in the music and entertainment industry?

First of all, I will start by thanking  Afro Hustler  for this interview and with this, people can get a little about what surrounds me and the label. I started all this music stuff by dancing . At a tender age, I loved dancing  which was a hobby to me. I remembered back in secondary school I did stage performances, inter-school competitions. Singing was a part of me as I used to write and sing songs  that began entertaining my class mates. Sometimes while in class, I get inspired and write rhymes at the back of my note books . Entertainment then got its birth as I could easily pull up a crowd to watch me sing.

Were you influenced by old records and tapes? Which ones?

Yes. I got inspired by some great artists I loved so much – Bob Marley , Buju Banton , Mr Vegas , Shabba Ranks , Sean Paul , Beenie man , Lady Saw, etc. I love listening to their songs, lyrics and beats which helped in grooming me to become a great artist today.

How did you go from doing music to owning a record label?

Well it has almost been my dream to  own a record label made up of talented people , ready to work for success and to attain the goals of an artist.  So this is a dream which has been realised by God’s grace.

Tell us everything about Lion Nation Entertainment

Yeah… Lion Nation Entertainment is an independent record label  whose mission is to supply nothing but good music to our people, train young talents and make Cameroonian music great again. We also indulge into promotion and event planning. We are here to give our own part of what Cameroon can offer to the world’s entertainment.

How many artists do you have under your record label (mention their names, and their works)

It will be so fast to conclude the number of artists which are under Lion Nation Entertainment for now. Notwithstanding,  we got a few I’m hoping to fully say they are with us . Nevertheless, I stand as the first artist and for professional reasons I will not call names until everything is confirmed.

How has the journey been so far?

The journey has been tough, challenging but we are progressing, we thank God. We are at work and expect something to keep you up. Remember when reggae hits you , you shall ask for more.



Let’s talk about Cameroonian music. So much is going on right now, but what do you think is lacking?

Hmmm. I have to be very careful while talking about Cameroon music industry. From my point of view so much is lacking . We don’t sell records , little or no record deals, the endorsement deals are absolutely low to keep an artist or label running. Companies have to appreciate our art and pay more to our artist than foreigners. DJs and media bodies should promote our music and reduce the rate of foreign music so our fans can consume what we offer to them. When this is done  companies will have to pay high for an artist. We got a lot lacking since it is still a baby industry but I’m happy we are fast growing.

Which Cameroonian or International artist will you love to work with?

I do reggae/dancehall. My genre is kind of rare in Cameroon but a blend with Alpha better boss   will make a perfect match because he steps on a reggae beat like wow. But still I could work with any artist and  serious . In regards to  international artists I will love to work with Busy Signal , Popcaan , Stonebwoy , Spice, Wizkid and Burna Boy, etc.

What last thing do you have for us?

Lastly I will want to encourage the Afro-hustler team to keep up the good work , so we can build our music industry together . Please Stay positive… Jah bless …Call me Snazzy representing Lion Nation Entertainment.

Follow Snazzy @

Twitter : snazzy_Lionn



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