Some months back the BBC proclaimed Buea as a tech hub for innovation in Africa.When it comes to fashion and modeling in Cameroon think of Buea, the town of legendary hospitality. This is clearly seen in the number of successful models, startups, modelling agencies and  models Buea has produced in the past years. Cameroon is proud to produce a true talent, Nadine Agbortarh, the beauty and the brain.

The town of legendary hospitality  harbors a myriad of talents, startups, mavericks, entrepreneurs and the silicon mountain. There are lots of entrepreneurs in Buea precisely when it comes to fashion and tech. Cameroon in miniature, Buea, has great fashion designers like Louise Fame, Kelly B Photography, Fabric Doctor, Lima T Jasino and a host of others. These designers are so magnificent in their arts. These are the types of Cameroonians that we need to achieve our  2035 vision.

Let’s talk about Cameroon’s female model Nadine Agbortarh who writes codes

Nadine Agbortarh is a 22-year-old who resides in Buea. Nadine is from the south-west region and a third year student studying Software Engineering at the university of Buea. This is bizarre!! A techie who is so passionate about fashion and modeling. There is an impression that techies are closed up and have no time for fashion  as they invest most of their time writing codes and building software.


Nadine Agbortarh is Cameroons female Model who writes codes. Is this not interesting ?  Modeling has been her passion from the age of seven and her greatest dream yet to be accomplished is to be the face of Africa. Aside Modeling, Nadine is an actress. She uses her free time to take pictures , reading , acting classes.


This techie model is passionate about fashion and she has a list of achievements that motivate her to thrive on. 

She has taken part in the following :
Billboard: Mediaafrik
PhotoShoot: Bridal Model for Belle and Glam.
Movies:Mama Eko in Cameroon.
Music Videos: Lambo Love, Baby give me that Modolo , Baby leave me.
Volunteering Service : host on Campus Train in (mount Cameroon FM 98.6).
Part time jobs: Hostess for Guinness and FIAFA .
Competition:Miss Cameroon 2014, Miss beach 2015.
Designers: Louis Fame, Lima Jasino

In an exclusive interview she told that, ”in order to be successful one has to love what you do with all your heart and also stay positive . No matter what happens and always  acknowledge God” We encourage Nadine to keep coding and keep up with her hustles because its evident that the life of every afro man or woman is full of episodes of hustling.


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