Hello guys, we bring to you the exotic works of a very talented young Cameroonian, Louis Fame. He is an Afro Hustler! Louis is An African designer designing beyond boundaries. He does African prints in general, and Cameroonian prints in particular, and he has achieved international recognition through his works. We sat down with him for a while and asked a few questions about himself and he was very delighted to answer our questions.

Can you let us into your world by telling us who Louis Fame is?

LF: I am Louis Fame Mc Carter. I am Cameroonian designer, fashion stylist, and creative director of the Louis Fame Clothing Brand which mostly specializes in male clothing. Notwithstanding, I am a motivational speaker.

Louis Fame's designs
One of Louis Fame’s designs during African Fashion Week  at Ontario, Canada in February 2016

Tell us how this journey started and how far you’ve come.

LF: I have always been a business lover and always tried to do business in different aspects. Back in my University days at the University of Buea, life wasn’t all that easy so I bought stuff like T-shirts, and trousers and sold to a few people in order to meet up with some of my needs. Even during University games, I will do T-shirts and print out inspiring messages on them, and resell. You know your parents wouldn’t give you money for everything.  I couldn’t really focus on that because I had to study. At the end of the day, you have to take back home good grades.

I graduated from University of Buea in 2010 with a Bsc. in Chemistry. I had always wanted to further my studies in material engineering. But since it wasn’t taught in Cameroon I enrolled for a Masters program in Chemistry. In 2013, I graduated with an Msc. in Chemistry. Business wasn’t an option for me when I lost my sponsor, but fortunately, I got a job at SOCAVER Douala, as a quality control technician.

While at SOCAVER, I used to do sketches for my outfits and customers. I always felt disappointed with tailors because they never understood my sketches and the concept behind them. So I bought a sewing machine to readjust whatever it is they had sewn. Which was tough. After retouching the outfits I will show a couple of friends and advertise on social media. A lot of people appreciated and told me I’ll make a good designer. This rekindled the dream in me to pursue it as a business career and take my love for fashion to a different dimension.

Love the way you fuse in Cameroonian tribal fabric into your designs. Is that what the Louis Fame brand strives to promote?

LF: It’s part of our goal to give international recognition to African print especially Cameroonian fabrics. That’s why we fuse in Cameroonian fabric into existing and upcoming trends.

Louis Fame's designs
Louis Fame’s Brand Ambassadors at the Be Beautiful Show, Stv Studio Douala, Cameroon

Tell us about the fashion designers you look up to.

LF: I love a lot of them like Giorgio Armani, Lacoste, Versace, etc, particularly because of the broad nature of their dreams and success.

Has Louis Fame styled any celebrities, and who would he love to style?

LF: Yes I have styled a lot of Cameroonian celebrities, in the likes of actors, models, artists and corporate personalities. Some of which include Mr Leo, Rhythmz, Agbor Gilbert, Salatiel, Frank Sere, Desmond White, Syndy Emade,Valerie Ayana, etc,  and a whole lot more. I would love someone like Jay-z to consume my product.

How has this journey been for you so far?

LF: It’s interesting because I love what I do and secondly because a lot of people didn’t believe in Cameroonian products. It is very difficult for people to believe in what you do but a lot of people have appreciated my work around the globe.

Louis Fame's Classy Men Collection Tux
Louis Fame’s Classy Men Collection Tux in display in the designer’s showcase room

What do you think about Cameroon’s fashion industry?

LF: It’s fast growing. So many people with innovative ideas, especially young creative minds. We have a big problem, though, which is making our citizens consume our own products. It will be solved when the government reduces importation rate. This will give room to many others thus granting jobs which in turn will increase GDP and call investors.

So are there any projects you’re working on now which you like to share with us?

LF: My team and I have always done charity works, like visiting orphanages, and handicap centers to make them feel catered for, and to know they are not alone. To that respect, we have decided to start up a Louis Fame Foundation. A certain percentage of our profit will go to charity.

Our first 2016 project is “FAME DESIGNING BEYOND BOUNDARIES” and we are also going to donate some clothes to the underprivileged so as to inspire them and make them know they also can consume designer products and that it doesn’t necessarily belong to a particular class.

Louis Fame's Toghu Print Sweatshirt
Louis Fame’s Toghu Print Sweatshirt

One last word from Louis Fame.

LF: Believe in God, believe in your talents, be patient and persistent, and you will achieve your dreams.

Louis Fame it was a pleasure interviewing you hope we get to see more of you in the future. Wish you the best in your endeavours and pray for many more international recognitions. We also encourage young Cameroonians to follow their dreams, explore their talents and be open-minded.

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