We present Joan Ngomba, Cameroons famous media personality and a true hustler. This young,  beautiful and talented Cameroonia was one of the brains behind Pulse TV in Lagos, Nigeria. As a presenter for Pulse.ng, she has got 10years of media experience working on so many media projects in Nigeria. Joan decided to extend her knowledge, experience and projects from Nigeria to her home, Cameroon to help highlight and celebrate Cameroon entertainment and entertainers. Haven work on a myriad of media projects, Joan is absolutely verse with the media business and she is passionate to give a meaningful contribution to where it all started.


This media lady has accomplished a series of projects which has gone a long way to change lives and inspired so many people. Here are some of her achievements:

  •  She created the first urban entertainment TV show on Biscon World Television in Lagos called Entertainment Wrap-up (E Erap-up)
  • Then  she was Celebrity Editor at pulse.ng
  • The Columnist of Joan On Sex, the popular column on Pulse.ng which educated people about sex, love and relationships which was interviewed by BBC in July, thanks to Joan for educating women about their sex life
  • She created DCODED TV SHOW in 2014



Joan recently disclosed to Afro Hustler, her plans to run a TV Show in Cameroon. This TV Show will educate, encourage and celebrate our own people, events, business and places etc. Moreover, she has taken an active role in celebrity branding and branding of the industry by rendering PR services to our artists, models and actors etc.

Joan Ngomba’s message to Cameroons entertainment industry

Entertainers should try to understand their various fields before venturing into anything. Musicians should not be in a haste to sign contracts they don’t even understand the clauses. Everyone needs everyone, don’t be scared to ask for help or give someone a helping hand. For no one knows the future. I want Cameroonians to recognize the talent they have, believe and respect these talents and push them forward.

Best wishes from Afro Hustler. Happy Birthday Joan Ngomba 


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