Popularly called ARREYB, Arrey Bate is one of Cameroon’s most prominent political bloggers, journalist and media consultant. He is the founder of ARREYB Media, an online media in advertising, branding, media consultancy, and news publication.

Bate founded ARREYB Media some 15 months ago. But it has grown to become one of Cameroon’s most prominent and widely recognized media with a monthly viewership of more than 50.000. His initial aim, however, was to help the Cameroonian media landscape, but the platform has now achieved viral international fame.

His work with renowned newspapers, magazines and radio stations earned him much popularity through his outstanding ‘pen’ and as a fine radio animator and program producer.

Who is Arrey Bate?

Arrey Bate is an outstanding media strategist, political blogger, journalist, and founder of ARREYB Media. He is the initiator of the ArreyB Entrepreneur Night, an annual event which brings together entrepreneurs across Cameroon. Bate is also the brain behind ARREYBuy, English Cameroon’s first online newspaper vendor.

Meet Arrey Bate, the Assiduous Entrepreneur and the Brain Behind ArreyB Media
Arrey Bate (ArreyB), founder of ArreyB Media

As a blogger and journalist, ARREYB creatively uses his skills and talents to serve at least 300 successful businesses and organizations in less than two years.

His journalism career began at Manyu’s pioneer radio station, Voice of Manyu. This was during his high school days where he worked as a program presenter/producer. After his Advanced level, he pursued a degree in Journalism in the University of Buea where he excelled and served as a freelance reporter for a host of Cameroon newspapers. He has also served as show host and radio program producer for Ocean City Radio, Limbe.

ArreyB then picked up a job with Washington DC-based Legideon Magazine where he served as Senior Content Producer for Cameroon, producing and coordinating a team of writers across Cameroon.

An outstanding portfolio he has built for himself

Barely 7 months into blogging, ArreyB became one of the nominees for Cameroon’s best blogger in the BDMA2017 awards. His works have gone beyond Cameroon. He recently signed an international deal with Rome Business School in Nigeria after obtaining a special certificate on Advanced Human Resource Management. His works with the big political names in Cameroon has led him a step ahead.

Meet Arrey Bate, the Assiduous Entrepreneur and the Brain Behind ArreyB Media
Arrey Bate in a session with a prominent political figure, Akere Muna

He is one of the rare bloggers to become ICM London’s brand ambassador, a job and study providing organization. He has been on several media outings especially with the introduction of ArreyBuy.


Meet Arrey Bate, the Assiduous Entrepreneur and the Brain Behind ArreyB Media
Arrey Bate on Cameroon’s national broadcaster, CRTV

Part of ArreyB Media, ArreyB News Reports also serves as a sure source of information to thousands across Cameroon.

He is known for his popular slogan, “Not just blogging, professionalizing.” Arrey Bate has, therefore, grown to become a media consultant presently serving over 15 different organizations including ICM London, Bright Future Foundation, New Visualisation, Erudef, Jireh Travels, etc.

Many event organizers have also invited him as a speaker for several events owing to his entrepreneurial ability and success. He has equally been the brain behind several workshops and digital coaching sessions.

Arrey Bate and his team recently organized a one-month training in Buea on blogging and digital journalism. This event successfully trained and graduated over 8 bloggers/journalists with certificates.

Meet Arrey Bate, the Assiduous Entrepreneur and the Brain Behind ArreyB Media
The ArreyB team at work

Other works  

Aside from his love for the media, ArreyB has thrived in an athletic career with over two awards, the first he obtained at the age of 6. His love for audio production made him a documentary producer at an early stage. He’s known for producing popular radio drama, Lebanon Girl, a drama piece that has been used in a UN presentation. He used Lebanon Girl to sensitize the African population on the dangers of seeking greener pastures abroad especially in cases where trafficking was the norm. 

Known for a Touch of Perfection, this young Cameroonian indeed has a stream of success stories anyone can learn from.


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