Today, the world is dependent on the internet. It doesn’t dismiss the fact that the internet comes with its own shortcomings, like cyber criminality and internet interruption. Most often, these shortcomings are gravely felt in African countries, where internet penetration is quite low. As a result, pseudo mining activities like cryptocurrency can’t go on smoothly. As a remedy for this, ONEm has introduced mCoin in Africa.

MCoin Cryptocurrency Launched in Africa
This digital currency now works without internet

MCoin is blockchain technology that functions without internet connectivity. It’s obvious that, in recent times, a greater number of the world’s population uses the internet.  It has become one of the most vital working tools for individuals, businesses, and companies.

Moreover, as the world is increasingly becoming a global village, there is a need for economies to come together for a better and comfortable world for all. This connection is only realistic with the presence of the internet.

Also, the internet has given birth to ideas like blockchain technology (cryptocurrency). But due to internet interruption and failure, some parts of the world find it difficult to trade in this activity.

Thus, considering that blockchain technology depended solely on the internet, it was necessary to look for possibilities to carry out digital currency transactions without internet. The idea of bringing cryptocurrency without internet in Africa, where a majority of the population aren’t connected to the internet, needs applauds.

mCoin cryptocurrency

MCoin is ONEm Communications pseudo mining programme. ONEm Communications is a high tech company. Established in 2012 in London, it develops and deploys an advanced platform that supports an ecosystem of services. The platform gives users the opportunity to enjoy a continually growing number of interactive content and applications.

Today ONEm Communications has launched its pseudo-mining program, mCoin, cryptocurrency without internet in Africa. mCoin uses pseudo-mining to distribute coins to the masses. For people to get the coins, they need to do positive things.

Upon signing up, users are given 100 bonus mCoins and their first SMS wallet. In addition, they are given a referral code to share with friends and family. They also receive more mCoins for every successful referral. With a mobile phone, anyone can own, store, earn, trade mCoin using an SMS wallet.

With the  ONEmWallet, users are able to send mCoins between one another through a ONEm name, for example, @Emmanuel.

What’s there for Africans?

Though the world is fast becoming a global village and Africans are increasingly getting access to the internet, statistics for internet penetration in Africa in 2017 was  35.2%. This is an indication that  Africa is still lagging behind in terms of internet penetration and cannot do well in blockchain technology,

As a result, the mCoin cryptocurrency will be of great benefits to the continent. It is the only cryptocurrency that works with the Internet as well as without.

Introducing affordable financial services in Africa will help to reduce the rate of poverty. Moreover, it will serve as employment to the unemployed. MCoin is a platform that will give the unbanked Africans access to financial services. The idea of blockchain technology that required only internet connectivity is now out of the way with the coming of mCoin.

Nonetheless, some people consider such financial services as ponzi schemes. This is because such schemes are usually for a short period. However, it is advisable to join such services as early as possible, so as to enjoy the benefits of pseudo mining.


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