Makonjo Media, just concluded a 4-day training on web development for Christians and Muslims across Cameroon.

Digital evangelism and discipleship in Africa are growing in significance. Over the years, this growth has continued with one mission – to evangelize. Yet, many religious bodies still lack the necessary skills and technology to realize this mission.

In line with its mission to create a truly digital Africa, Makonjo Media launched a free-to-attend training program earlier in April, 2018 to help forge these skills by using the right technology to deliver the right results.

The workshop which had as theme, Web Development for Evangelism, began on April 18, closed its doors on April 21, 2018, with over 20 representatives from churches and mosques going home with the necessary skills needed to build websites for evangelical purposes.

It was therefore, Makonjo’s way of giving back to a community that has played a significant role in its rapid growth. There was no better way to help than to expose churches and mosques to the many advantages of digital evangelism, which have proven to be quite successful in recent years.

Makonjo Media teaches Christians and Muslims how to build websites for evangelism

According to the Managing Director of Makonjo Media, Otto Akama, the company will continue to work with interested participants. And in order to support the community, the Silicon Mountain-based firm will subsequently, organize programs to encourage talent and skill development.

What does this mean to Makonjo Media?

Impacting one’s community positively might sound like a good idea to many but to Makonjo, it is a lifestyle. The training therefore provided Makonjo Media an opportunity to impact her host community with skills on what she does best – Web development.

Makonjo Media on a Mission to Promote Digital Evangelism in Africa
Tanue Eugen-Bleck, Makonjo Media’s Software Engineer

During the training, Makonjo ICT experts, Tanue Eugen-Bleck and Tabi Idris, took delight in expatiating on helpful tools including:

  • WordPress as a tool for Web Design
  • How to plan a church or mosque website
  • Practical lessons on creating pages
  • Feature events, announcements, and sermons on their pages, etc.   

Being a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, many representatives of Christian and Muslim communities thronged the Makonjo Media premises.

Makonjo Media teaches Christians and Muslims how to build websites for evangelism

With smiles engraved on the faces of the participants while leaving the Makonjo premises, the workshop’s impact was overwhelming.

“It was an awesome experience. Now, I can create a website that will enable me to evangelize to other youths online,” Giles Ndondi, a Christian from Full Gospel Bomaka said.

In appreciation, Yusuf Mohammed a Muslim faithful expressed his utmost gratitude on behalf of the entire Muslim community.

“Thanks to Makonjo Media, I believe I am armed with what it takes to build a platform online and evangelize to other youths to join the Muslim community. I have not only discovered WordPress but equally, how easy it is to create a website,” he said.

A mutually beneficial opportunity

Notwithstanding, the participants and the staff of Makonjo shared a mutual feeling.

“I’m happy with the output of the workshop. It was a privilege to see this number of participants being able to build websites though not from scratch,” Tabi Idris said.

Makonjo Media on a Mission to Promote Digital Evangelism in Africa
Tabi Idris, Makonjo Media’s Software Engineer

Otto Akama in an interview revealed that the company “organized this workshop as an act of corporate social responsibility. We believe we have a duty to contribute to the community.”

According to him, the lent period which characterized the early months of 2018, was remarkable to Makonjo.

No one organizes an event without objectives. Otto Akama, therefore, had just one – that the skills he has amassed over the years will not only help Christians and Muslims build websites but equally, help them fulfill their evangelistic missions much easier.

As Makonjo Media’s boss revealed, over 80% of the participants were able to set up and run simple WordPress applications.

“We believe the seed has been planted,” Otto said with a broad and contagious smile.

About Makonjo

Makonjo Media, is a software development and marketing technology company in the Silicon
Mountain. It special focus therefore, is on supporting Africans in the Diaspora to build technology companies back home in Africa.


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