Hey, ladies! Are you keeping it up with Fara Fabs? Would you want a peep of her Makeup kit?

Frida Fara’s online research has proven out that most young beautiful ladies have utterly fallen for makeups. From the nitty-gritty of her research, she discovered that a majority of ladies face difficulties in a bid to understanding the essentials of makeup kit tools and beautifying themselves.

Frida Fara is a young Cameroonian female entrepreneur. She’s the Founder and CEO of Fara Fabs – a premium beauty and lifestyle brand (Vlog). Frida had always been passionate to inspire, educate and make African women more beautiful with expertise.

”We all know the makeup world is an overwhelming and intimidating one, so don’t feel too pressured into buying everything that you see. It’s not about how much makeup you have. What’s important is that you select the right makeup essentials,” says Frida.

As concerns what style is good for which lady, Frida noted in these words;

“Everyone has their own style and personal preference, some may like the natural “no makeup” look while others may like the dramatic “Full makeup Glam” look so know your own style and what you like.  I love the natural “no makeup look” ( Matt makeup).

“You should not wear makeup just to please other people. Wear makeup because you want to and feel happy with it. Makeup is supposed to be fun so enjoy and embrace your girly side.”

Come along with Frida as she takes you through her makeup kit.

Here are the tools you’ll need to get in your makeup kit.

1) Primer or a BB cream
This acts as a base for foundation or facial makeup that allows it to go on smoother and last longer.

2) Foundation
It’s very important to get a high-quality foundation that matches your skin tone. For oily skin types, you can get a Fit me Maybelline which comes in two different lines; Matte + Poreless ( for a combination of oily skin types) and Smooth +Dewy (Combination to dry skin types).

I love this super blendable foundation because it applies so smoothly and evenly on the skin giving a natural look but what I use now is a Jordana complete coverage and it’s a 2 in 1 products (Concealer and Foundation).

The foundation is also super blendable and applies smoothly to the skin and can be used as a concealer to cover all the dark spots. Since these foundations are lightweight, it’s great for anyone who is new to wearing makeup.

3) Concealer (LA Girl Pro – concealer)
It gives you a great coverage to conceal all of your unwanted blemishes, age, spots, and discolouration. It also helps to hide and blur your fine lines and large pores.  It’s perfect for all skin types.

4) Eyeshadow

You will need a natural neutral eyeshadow palette. They are very easy to use, not too complicated and very affordable. Get this in your starters kit.

5) Eyebrows Pencil

Since you are a beginner, you will want to start out with a pencil; either dark brown or a brown pencil for your brows. These colours are preferable because it gives you that natural brows.

6) Mascara

It’s very important to have a mascara in your kit. It gives you a full, long and separated lashes.

7) Powder

Fit me Maybelline powder or Black Radiance are very good press powder for your startup kit.

8) Contour palette

Here I use the Black Radiance contour palette. This  True Complexion Contour Palette helps to sculpt, contour, and define facial features to create a supermodel look. The specially designed magnetic compact features 3 silky-smooth powder shades that easily blend to enhance your features. You can get this from Americain cosmetics Bali for a 5% discount.
9) Loose powder

I use Milani as my loose powder for baking. It sets your foundation or Concealer in place and reduces shine while correct redness undertones.

10) Lipliner

There are some wonderfully affordable lip liners available at the Americain cosmetic Bali. Some that I get a lot of use from are from Rimmel, Jordana and Nyx. They are pigmented, creamy and line or fill in the lips perfectly.

11) Lipsticks or lip gloss If you want a long lasting lipstick, then I’ll recommend Classic or Mac lipstick. It gives you a rich

If you want a long lasting lipstick, then I’ll recommend Classic or Mac lipstick. It gives you a rich colour that stays for many hours.

12) Brush Set

This includes all of the essential makeup brushes that you need for your full face of makeup. From eyeshadow to eyeliner, to Concealer n foundation. Get yourself quality brushes for affordable prices.

13) Makeup remover

I didn’t show this on my video but you will need this in your starter makeup kit. This helps to cleanse the makeup from your face.

I’ll like to end this by saying, there are lots of products you can buy. Some set of products might work for some individuals there are some that also may not. I would encourage you to get into some trial and error to see what works for you. I hope this post helps you find something you love & that perfects your skin.

Following Frida’s tutelage on beauty and makeup is a brilliant approach to keep you glamorous and outstanding. Why don’t you own a complete makeup kit too?

More importantly, all the aforementioned products are readily available at Americain cosmetics Bali for a 5% discount using code Fara Fabs. Why not make haste while the sun shines?

Follow Fara Fabs to know about many more makeup kit tools, lifestyle, and beauty.

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