The last two weeks have been a busy one in the Cameroonian music industry. So many releases by various artists, and almost all of them have not disappointed. PASCAL of Newbell music released his new rap single – Makero and it’s nothing less than what we could expect.

The song features New Bell boss , and Cameroon’s best rapper Jovi, and uprising artists Reniss. Just in case you never knew, Reniss released her latest video “Dashiki”, about a week ago. Another amazing video.

Blanche Bailly Releases New Single “Kam We Stay”

Makero which was released earlier this weekend was produced by the one and only Le Monstre. Still to get the actual meaning behind the term Makero? While waiting for the video, which we hope will not take long to be released, let’s all enjoy what we have now-brilliant and powerful lyrics.


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