Over the years the number of people making Money using Instagram has increased. While the rest of us have just been there living their lives. In case you didn’t know some people could earn tens of  thousands of dollars on Instagram. Most them in the likes of bloggers, small businesses, and celebrities.

You are probably wondering how that can be possible. Well, I’ll let you meet Sharon Beason, the founder of Womeneur. Womeneur is an entrepreneurship based platform. They offer everything from digital guides and coaching sessions to skill building events and doses of motivation.

In just over a year, she has managed to attract over 50,000 followers. She has created a kick-ass advisory board of women. She says “nothing beats waking up or being out socialising or just living life and watching money come into your account without you having to lift a finger.

Here’s how to Make Money using Instagram

  1. It takes so much work and I mean lots of it! You have to be dedicated. Remember you’re trying to sell something so you should be committed to your customers (followers).  When it gets too hectic, you should be able to identify if you need to outsource expertise.
  2. Optimise your account to make it easier for people to find you via keyword search. People are really going to search that, and it will help connect them to you.
  3. Engage with your audience. don’t post something and you never go there to respond when people start asking for a link. Hang around for a while and respond to comments. Each person is important. It’s not their popularity that matters.
  4. Find your audience through the hashtag. I don’t mean trendy hashtags, useful ones. Those related to your targets. Utilise them judiciously.
  5. Lastly, be humble, transparent, accessible and share your story with everyone. It is one of the most important things. Follow these and you will make lots of money using Instagram.
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