We have all had frustrating situations at one point in our lives. Getting back home after a long and tiring day only to discover you dropped the keys to your apartment and the only option you have at that moment is to bring down that door, else you remain locked out forever.

Many times, maybe your neighborhood hasn’t got any carpenter to help you out with that and you’re caught up in a limbo. All you need is a skilled carpenter to help you get in but none seems available at that particular unfortunate moment.

What if there was an office you could just call to get a technician to your home? Entrepreneurship appears to be the one best route to solving such problems and luckily enough, a Cameroonian entrepreneur, Bamai Namata created Maibeta Inc, a Buea-based company that renders technical services to people and businesses in need of these services.

Maibeta Inc is a company that provides technical services to individuals, companies, construction sites in need of such services. Launched in 2014, the company has provided long lasting solutions to the difficulties most people face with accessing and hiring very reliable technicians for technical jobs both in homes and offices.

It’s one of its kind – an innovation very cherished by many Cameroonians that actually provides them with alternative reliable sources of getting the best technicians they need for carrying out home and office repair works. What could be more wished for than having such a reliable place of getting not just a technician, but a professional one at that?

Perhaps, just being a technical company and sitting in one office is probably not the best way to go for any entrepreneur or startup guy. The digital revolution had long been ignited in Africa, Cameroon included and ‘offline companies’ are no longer an option for the business world.

Offline businesses operate on-the-ground and whether you like it or not, your reach remains very limited to the geographical area that business is located and cutting off the rest of the world from accessing your services.

On July 18, 2017, Bamai Namata took his company to join the online community by launching the Maibeta Online Platform with the aim of hiring professional technicians for home and office maintenance in Cameroon.

This new innovative platform will make it easy to hire the professional expertise of technicians for repairs and maintenance in areas like plumbing, air conditioner maintenance, electricity, carpentry, building plan production, office and residential cleaning, painting, computer maintenance and more.

Not only will the new online platform provide extensive jobs for many of Cameroon’s unemployed youths, but it will as well act as a much faster way to discover the country’s best talents. Cameroon is endowed with an unimaginable warehouse of talents and this new online “talent search” will crawl the entire country, fetching for such brilliant minds and hands.

Through its online platform, Maibeta also extends its project management services to Cameroonians in the diaspora, organizations and local clients in need of services like construction project management and real estate acquisition.

According to the company, it has so far gained grounds in penetrating the technical market in Buea and Limbe where many of its customers have described its services as “professional, affordable and satisfying.”

Maibeta also intends to expand its digital footprints to other towns of Cameroon and Africa as a whole. Until now, it’s never been easy getting hands-on with professional technical services but with the coming of Maibeta’s online platform, Cameroonians know just where to get what they need both at an individual and business level when it comes to technical service hunting.

For more information contact Maibeta Inc at info@maibeta.com or projects@maibeta.com or visit their online portal at www.maibeta.com.

Alternatively, call Maibeta directly through (237) 243281655, 233322048, 675367148.


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