The founder of, Mambe Churchill, who is making waves in the whole of Africa and the world at large gave a thrilling address on Machine learning. This young entrepreneur had his vision in tech ten years ago and knew from the start that  Buea was going to be the center for tech in Cameroon.

What is Machine Learning?

In 1959, Arthur Samuel defined Machine learning as a field of study that gives computers the ability to learn without explicitly being programmed. It is that part of computer science through which you can ask your  machine to carry out works from you even when you are asleep.

There are three core parts in machine learning. The parts are Classification, Name Entity Recognition and Clustering.


You can train your computer to put things into classes by programming it to identify data using certain criteria.

Name Entity Recognition.

You build your machine to identify names, emails, dates, to provide information.


You need to train the machine with large data to automatically identify trends in data without knowing anything. For example, Google Translate.

How Machine Learning is used at Njorku

Njorku has up to 2,000 CVs that are processed each day.

CV1 is classified as Accounting jobs while CV2 is Oil and Gas jobs. Njorku trains the machine to determine what people are interested in searching for. They use java and PHP.

For those interested in building machine learning systems, the following tools will be very handy:  OpenNLP, Stanford NLP, Scikit Learn, and Tensor Flow.

OpenNLP, Stanford NLP, Scikit Learn, and Tensor Flow.

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