Looking forward to dressing tips? Do you want to make a great first impression at that highly awaited industry event?

Often times you get judged or create impressions on the minds of others about your personality type and image based on the way you dress. For sure elegance and style in your dressing will make you and the organisation you represent standout. Oh my gosh! Feeling confident and convenient triggers invigorating smiles on all those corporate faces glaring at how gorgeous that outfit suits you.

A lot of entrepreneurs are learning dressing tips to stay up to date. Why don’t you?

Storming a business event looking that weird as Lady Gaga and Johny Deep is just unethical. Getting noticed at industry events is quite simple as it entails that you appear formal and classy.

Below are 5 dressing tips I came up with that will get you noticed at industry events.

Know the dress code of the event.

Before thinking of presenting yourself at industry events, endeavour to check the invitation card as the corporate event usually carry the dressing code required. This will save you the time and stress thinking about what to wear. Following events dressing code will probably get you appear in conformity.

Most of the time men are expected to appear in tie and jacket while women always prefer their a knee-length dress or skirt with a blouse or a sophisticated pantsuit. Nonetheless, in the African context, there is a myriad of classy and formal African outfit that will get you noticed in a blink of an eye.

It’s An Industry Event, not a Sex Event.

A corporate event is a time for business. You have to present yourself in a classy but formal style, and avoid a dress that portrays all your curves and edges. Dresses which expose your body are a distraction and make you look bad. Just keep it stylish and clean.

Go for Dark Colors

Most of the time people wear flashy and bright coloured suits as a way to get attention in business events. If you are into show biz or you are a fashion designer attending a fashion show, that could work. Otherwise, this is a suit fail. If you are wearing a real business suit, black, blue and grey are the only colours you need. Darker shaded suits might seem modest, but if it’s nicely fitted, you’ll still look sharp and perfect for business.

Wear African Prints

African prints have caught the attention of the word’s fashion industry recently. Africans have learned to make their traditional outfit corporate which is a good strategy to promote the rich African culture. For example, the former Nigerian president Obasanjo always appeared formally in the Aguada outfit.

African prints exhibit beauty and elegance in your style which will earn you attention and great admiration during events as you promote the rich African culture. There are several glamorous African prints such as dashiki from south Africa, Kenteke from Ghana and Toughou from Cameroon which you could slay in to make an outstanding impression during industry events.

Avoid wearing harsh perfumes/ cologne

Wear soft and mild scented perfumes and cologne so as not to inconvenience colleagues and others at events. Sometimes perfumes may be a great source of discomfort to people next to you. This leaves a negative remark on your personality. A single splash or two would do and avoid applying too much perfume. Women should wear makeups and jewelry that is appropriate to their industry.

As often said, perception is a reality. Think about the image you want to project during industry events. These aforementioned dressing tips will enable you to create a positive perception which is appropriate for your image and that of the company you represent.

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