Tired of getting live notifications each time someone you follow, a page or friend publishes  a video here is how to put an end to this. Facebook has made it possible for us to put an end to this irritating notifications. Let us show you how to get about it.

Here is how to turn off  live notifications

Click the first item on Face book which will expand into a list. At the bottom you will find settings for Live video notifications. There you can turn off the suggestions  which are live videos facebook thinks you will like and all other  pesky notifications. Choosing ‘Suggestion Off’, you will still receive notifications from your friends and those you follow.

To ensure that you never get notified about any live video be it on your News Feed, what you have to do is choose “AllOff.’ If you had subscribed and receive emails about these videos , you could change the settings and this way never get these boring notifications which end up crowding your email box.

Finally you can enjoy facebooking with no annoying notifications. Go enjoy while keep watching out for more news and tips from Techcrunch-Africa.

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