GCE Helper powered by Zuoix is an online question and answer social platform, that helps students in Cameroon and Africa, to make better grades at the General Certificate of Education (GCE) Exams at the A and O Levels.

Students ask GCE based questions to teachers in their school and across Africa. The answers provided by teachers are moderated and improved upon by other teachers and Moderators (Verified Examiners). They then come out with a comprehensive answer to that question, thus helping the students to know not only how to approach GCE based questions, but also how to earn more marks for each question.

This platform has an SMS alert feature, which alerts teachers when they have been asked a question and also alerts students when their questions have been answered or commented upon.

How does the GCE Helper work?

Does this mean students will have to stay on the Internet, instead of paying attention to their books as they prepare for their exam? I asked the Founder of GCE Helper, Zuo Bruno .

Bruno  said ” We thought of questions like this from our clients. That is why we created the SMS Feature. This SMS feature will help keep students on their books and allow them to check the site ONLY when they need to”.

Also, GCE helper thought of Internet cost. In an attempt to solve the problem, GCE helper allows teachers to answer questions via audio recordings directly on their browsers (directly on the website at www.gcehelper.com) and allow students to download these answers and listen to it over and over again. Thus, sending the answers deep into the students even to a subconscious level. Wow! This is so Wonderful.

On GCE Helper, Teachers earn extra money based on a number of questions answered and how well they were answered. Answering a question gives a point. If other teachers like your answer you get extra points.

1 Point = 1 Franc

If you have up to 3501 Points, you can redeem your money through MTN Mobile Money, Orange Mobile Money (still to be implemented) and Express Union (already functional).
For more information, visit zuoix.com

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