The registrar of the University ofBuea Professor Roland Ndip, has announced that the 10,000frs late registration fee to be paid by students, has been suspended.

The late registration fee was one of the reasons why the students of the University of Buea protested on Monday 27th November, 2016. Speaking in an interview with Crtv, Professor Roland Ndip said these measures were taken to discipline students who are lax to pay their fees to pay their fees. In one month, 14,000 students out of 20,000 have paid their fees. So you can see that the fault is coming from the laxity of some few students said the Registrar.

Professor Ndip Roland also said measures are being taken to ensure that the students who deserve the 50,000 frs receive their grants. Also, he added that the discussions for the money had been in pipeline, and the students had been informed about that through communiqués . The registrar said the University of Buea only acts as an intermediary between the Ministry of higher education. They don’t take decisions themselves. According to him, the institution was not aware that the students were in disagreement to these decisions especially the late registration fee and would have laid their complaints to the administration.

On the darker side, innocent students were arrested and taken to prison for no good reason. In another interview with Crtv, human rights lawyer and Professor Tambe Tiku, said he’s making efforts to see to it that the students are released. He was insulted and undermined by police officials when he asked that the students be treated as suspects and not criminals. Giving the harsh treatments being given to them in Buea and Limbe.

“they asked me to go to Yaounde and talk about human rights there, that they are here for business” said Tambe Tiku.

He also stated that, some desperate parents had to rush to release their children and have spent hundreds of thousands just to get them out of cell, and free them from the inhumane treatment given to them.

However, if the students had a student union. This would have made things easier. The Registrar expects that students would have laid their complaints to the administration. How do you stand up among 20,000 students to draft a complaint to an administration, and expect to be heard. That’s the duty of a student union. Which boils down to another thing the students Want back; UBSU (University of Buea Students Union).

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