When it comes to churches we know how crazy it is in Nigeria.In fact one day we will hear that water was changed into wine in a certain Church . Probably every little corner should be a Church now. But this time around, the government must have swallowed enough and has decided to ameliorate the situation. 70 Lagos churches, 20 mosques and approximately 11 hotels, club houses and beer parlours have been closed down.

The population of Lagos is estimated at about 20 million. How crazy could it be. I mean cars horning in traffic, Churches going on at all times, beer parlours and all what not. There is a call for all these noise pollution to come to an end. The state government has sworn to make Lagos city noise-free by 2020.

Following this declaration in August, the Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LEPA) closed 22 premises after residents complained about the noise they were producing.Of course this was a great move as the noise level dropped by 35% but it still wasn’t enough. That’s why this new bans have been put in place.

“Enforcement is a continuous exercise and we have set a target for ourselves. We want to ensure that Lagos is noise-free by the year 2020,” he said.Mr Shabi said mosques complied with their instructions more than churches because when they are ordered to shut down, they “instantly bring down their speakers or reduce the noise they make”.

The General Manager of Lagos State Environmental Protection Agency (LASEPA) Bola Shabi, made his intentions known and clear. He has insisted that, henceforth the state government would not allow make-do buildings be used as places of worship.

Is this a cool step giving the fact that these Lagos Churches are out to spread the word of “God”? I definitely think it is. Why not join another Church and be a Pastor. Why open yours if there are no strings attached. Well, kudos to Mr Bola Shabi.

Source: BBCAfrica

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