There’s a few behavioral traits that differentiate boys from men, as well as an immature man from a mature man. When it comes to maturity, age is just a minute part of it. You can bear with me that, there are 40-year-olds who act like children. The following traits  will help you recognize one.


Don’t be like “appearance doesn’t matter” it does. A mature man should care about what he’s stepping out in. He should wear clean and pressed clothes. Whether an “okada” rider or corporate man clean clothes are a must.


Mature men are polite. Dealing with an impolite man is the worst thing. Mature men know when to say I’m sorry, when to appreciate, and when to make little sacrifices. Being polite also goes with sensitivity. If a man is not sensitive, he will not know when to apologise for little things, or when to excuse himself.


In the end, the mark of a truly mature man is his ability to keep his ego under check and actually think things through before doing something. They understand that their actions might have undesired consequences and look past the immediate moment, planning their actions by anticipating what is to come, like an experienced chess player.

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A mature man knows his purpose in life and works towards achieving that. He doesn’t just go with the wind. That’s why a great woman will move mountains to share her life with a man who knows what he wants and is clearly in the process of trying to get it


To crown it all,  he has to be humble. That one word is what makes up for everything.

It is true there’s no perfect man, but these few traits are just the major things that any mature man should possess.

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