Kwata magazine is a publication that showcases exceptional accomplishments of mostly Cameroonians. The maiden edition was released in December 2016 and it featured Minks and top five dancers like Brenda Dery, Snake, Ursula Owona Tony Lobe and Hermine Julle. Likewise, they highlighted Cameroon top models like Valery Ayena, Felix, Kathy all who have been a name both home and abroad.

Their genres include music, culture, sports, fashion and (geek) technology. If you’ve been looking for attention-grabbing stuff about Cameroon, Kwata magazine is what you should go for.

The publication defies the norm that nothing good can come from Cameroon because there are achievements of Cameroonians in all walks of life making a name for themselves and making it big.

It is a very colourful publication full of fascinating pictures which tell nearly all of the story and simple captions that would keep you engrossed. In depth and exclusive interviews with your favourite personalities also provide insight into what they’re thinking and how they got to where they are. It’s meant to entertain and inspire you to be more than you are right now.

Kwata magazine is on its third edition which has featured so far, Jeanne Mbenti as actress of the month and Snake Zobel Raoul as dancer of the month, Alpha Beta record artist for their second edition and the latest edition cover is Lucie Memba, an outstanding actress and Sandrine Nnanga.

The publication also hosts a sound cloud account where you can download the latest songs . They are trending on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and a wide range of social media platforms with a wide readership. For the cover photos, Kwata magazine usually features those who have done astounding things such as best dancer, artist or actress of the year.

There are many more similar publications like Kwata magazine such as dcodedtv which gives the latest vibes about Cameroon and sometimes, juicy gossips.

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