Entrepreneurship in Africa has become a valuable source of livelihood for many young Africans and the graphic design industry has equally become lucrative as well. Such a promising industry has no doubt, attracted many Africans, some of which have built very successful ventures around it.

Like many well-established entrepreneurs, some started off doing what they never dreamt would get them to where they are currently. For some entrepreneurs, the idea of one day building a company had been buried deep in their minds ever since they could reason. For others, one thing led to the other.

But what’s more interesting is how some successful entrepreneurs built their business empires. Such is the story behind the establishment of one of the pioneers and largest professional graphic design houses in Buea, King Chris Graphics Communication. Founded by Christian Yuh Fointen (King Chris), he is a designer who is naturally gifted in the art of crafts and drawing.

king chris graphic design house at Molyko, Buea
King Chris Graphic Design House at Molyko, Buea

King Chris is a veteran in the graphic design industry in Buea, specializing in large-scale digital printing and design, photography, general contracts/supply of equipment to institutions and companies.

How he built his empire

While yet a student at the University of Buea, Chris used what he had (his skill) to get what he needed (money) to survive the rather demanding time at school.

“It was not really a quest to start up a business but just a way of survival. I was just out to raise funds and help out with my education but I later decided to start a real business.

I started off practicing in my room while doing my studies in the university. After my university studies, I worked at home for a while before leaving my room for the road. At the time, I registered as a C.I.G (Common Initiative Group). I wasn’t quite sure of what I was doing and I didn’t have a vision at the time.”

The iconic King Chris came into existence in 2009 when Chris just completed his university studies, studying Life Sciences and Zoology with a minor in Medical Laboratory Sciences. Before 2014, the company only existed as a C.I.G and was incorporated as a legal entity only in 2014. Three years of existing as an independent company, King Chris has built a brand that will stand the test of time.

The rough road to success

He didn’t get up there by some magic. The ride hasn’t always been smooth for many successful entrepreneurs and Chris is not an exception. With absolutely no external support, the business still managed to shoot out beautiful results.

“When I started my business, it was in the university days and I had just a 3-in-1 printer which I bought second-handed for FCFA 40.000. I also had a computer which I consider the seed capital for my business. We grew from there. We take commands, multiply and buy equipment when a command is given. It was more about plowing back into the business and that’s how the business grew.

I got no loan or support of any kind to buy equipment. I grew by saving in the business. Basically, the business started with about FCFA 100.000 but at the time of incorporation, we were dealing with equipment worth more than FCFA 10 million.”

The company has been successful so far but the CEO thinks he hasn’t done enough yet. “When people observe around, they see a lot of success but what keeps me going is not what I’ve achieved, but believing in the dream I have. It’s more about where I’m going to not what I’ve done.”

It’s an achievement that cannot be overlooked by the business industry. Like King Chris Graphics, every successful entrepreneur has been through thin and thick. The king in graphic design and digital printing has been through that path as well.

For your design and printing requests, contact King Chris on:

Email: myking.chris@gmail.com/hi@kingchriscorp.com

Website: http://www.kingchriscorp.com

Tel: 677-947-345/661-262-648/696-209-645

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