Kenyan software company Cellulant has secured a contract with the Liberian government to develop an e-registration platform that will link farmers and agro-dealers to a supply chain of inputs, finance, and market places, Business Daily reported. The Liberia deal is part of the Agriculture Transformation Agenda contract Cellulant signed with African Development Bank (AfDB) in October 2015. The construction of the tool should be completed in the next six months.

The platform will track farmer activities and help address livelihood and business risks by linking them to service providers to achieve higher economic returns to land, labour, capital and ecosystem service investments.

The e-wallet has been proven in Nigeria where 14.5 million farmers and 2,500 agribusinesses are participating via mobile phones in an agri-commerce marketplace. Cellulant will be setting up a system based on building a database of small holder farmers, geographical and financial institutions mapping, and an ICT infrastructure for connections. The e-Wallet is expanding farmer access to financial services, agricultural inputs, e-extension and markets through the mobile phone.

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