There are far fewer women than men in tech roles across the world. Most people consider the world of technology to be a world for the male gender. This is peculiar to Africa having a limited number of women in the IT sector. This reality is on the brink of changing as it hasn’t stopped some go-getters from being the spotlight in the tech sector. Karen Nadasen is a perfect example of women who have defied the rules to succeed in a male-dominated field.

Karen Nadasen is the CEO of PayU South Africa. She is a self-motivated expert with extensive experience in the IT sector working both in Europe and Africa. She joined PayU SA in 2012 as Product Manager, after which she held the post of Head of Product and Delivery Manager for MEA. In June 2016, she became the CEO of PayU South Africa.

Karen Nadasen, One of South Africa's most Inspiring Women in Tech
Karen Nadasen defies the rules to succeed in a male-dominated field.

Karen Nadasen got appointed as CEO of PayU South Africa at a time when the company had difficulties in retaining shares. This was at a moment when South Africa was facing economic challenges. Despite these challenges, Nadasen was able to turn PayU around in just over two years.

Her determination to give PayU a face lift made the company to experience a 225% growth of total e-commerce processing volume.

PayU is a fintech payment company founded in 2002 in the Netherlands, now available in several countries including South Africa. PayU is the largest and trusted payment gateway in South Africa.

The need for women like Karen Nadasen in the tech sector

Gender equality is an ongoing challenge in tech. As a result, women with interest in this sector have to constantly prove themselves. However, many women are now contributing innovative and disruptive ideas and changing lives.

Women are naturally problem-solvers. And being in the tech industry means solving problems and fixing issues.

According to Karen Nadasen, her time in the tech industry has been about solving problems, coming up with solutions and addressing opportunities. This, therefore, means that women’s presence in this sector is indisputable. In all spheres of life, people can only make it if they are positive and more confident in their capabilities.

Reasons why some women find it difficult to embrace the world of technology

Previously, science-inclined professions were for men. This is same for technology and this ideology has scared so many women away from these professions even if it happens to be their dream profession. Those taking the courage to go for their dreams always face varying challenges. Some of these challenges are the reasons why many feel timid to go techy.

Most women in this field are not confident enough, professionally. Due to this, they underestimate their abilities. From the word go, women didn’t receive encouragement to pursue IT as a career. Before, you could mostly find women in services like social, educational, libraries and archivists, legal and employment services.

According to Lior Shub, a front-end developer at BalzeMeter, it is lonely being a female programmer. She has nine years of experience as a programmer. However, the field is a lonely one since there are just a few women doing programming.

However, for Nadasen, it demands positivity, confidence and hard work to overcome these challenges.



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