The youth-focused, Buea-based organization JuvCom, has announced the launch of the first edition of the Cameroon Youth Assembly (CYA). Scheduled to take place on May 12, 2018, at Mountain Hotel Buea, this event will launch under the theme: “Transforming Innovative Vision into Action for a Sustainable Cameroon.”

Young entrepreneurs, leaders, and innovators will converge in Buea to strategize new and better ways of making Cameroon more sustainable.

From diverse occupational backgrounds, this event will expose these youngsters to private sector businesses, thus linking them to potential sponsors.

The Cameroon Youth Assembly (CYA) and its launch

Endorsed by the Youth Assembly at the United Nations, the CYA serves as a platform for dialogue and partnership between youths, the private sector, the civil society and the government. It empowers youths with the necessary tools, opportunities, and experiences aimed at achieving a peaceful and sustainable society.

It is also a gathering of young leaders, social entrepreneurs, innovators, community builders and promoters. Their aim; to promote sustainable development in Cameroon and beyond.

According to Nghateng Donald, founder of the Cameroon Youth Assembly, this maiden edition “will feature the launch of the Cameroon Innovative Incubator Project Award wherein, the best projects for community development will be awarded the sum of FCFA 50.000 each. The event will also feature the launch of the African Artistic Festival.”

Other activities during the event will include lightning talks from topnotch entrepreneurs in and around the Silicon Mountain community.  There will also be exhibition stands from other businesses displaying and educating the public on the myriad of services and products they offer as well as an evening festival.

The organizers, therefore, urge interested entrepreneurs to register their projects on Eventbrite. Thus, they will stand a chance of winning FCFA 50.000 at the end of the challenge.

Follow this link to register as a participant and this link to register your project.

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