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It’s March and we’re late with our letter to you but it’s for a good reason. A grand first of its kind entrepreneurial event is in the process. Just because February is the shortest month doesn’t make it any less busy. We’ve been hard at work, building momentum towards our flagship event, Buea Business Conversations (BBC).

Buea Business Conversations: Join our Honest Business Conversation

Just in case you missed it, in line with our theme for the first quarter of this year (Running a Business in a Crisis Economy), we’ve focused our content around educating the entrepreneurship and business community on how to survive the current crisis.

We’ve had some really honest conversations with entrepreneurs and business owners in the crisis-hit regions. And they’ve been open enough to share with us, some strategies they’ve used to sail through these tough times.

Here are of the articles in which they revealed their strategies:

How Startups are Cost-Cutting Via Office Sharing During the Crisis: the ActivSpaces Story

Beyond the Borders: Therese Matuke Targets International Markets with Handmade Beaded Accessories

How a Buea Entrepreneur Sold Over 500 Fowls on a Ghost Town Day

How Nkongho Mbeng is Running a Thriving Snails Business in the Middle of the Crisis

Fongoh Martin’s Advice to Crisis-Hit Entrepreneurs: Lie Low and Re-strategize

How Nde Kong Took His Small Farm Online to Survive the Crisis

Fighting Entrepreneurial Depression in the Middle of Crisis Over a Plate of Pizza

How Eduke Nadesh is Keeping Silicon Mountain Alive Despite the Crisis

How New Generation Technologies is Using Remote Work to Stay Afloat the Crisis

George Enow Uses Facebook Campaigns and Remote Work to Thrive During the Crisis

Personally, I appreciate this. As a team, we’re even more grateful that you could help your fellow buddies survive this struggle.

However, we feel that having a one-on-one conversation with these entrepreneurs would be even better. That’s why we decided to pull a few strings together and organize the event of the century, Buea Business Conversations. I must say some of the entrepreneurs we’ve pitched this idea to are really happy about this. I believe you’ll be excited about this as well.

About your BBC

Through this event, our mission is simple: to educate and inspire small businesses with ideas on how to keep their businesses alive and grow in spite of the socio-political crisis.

Buea Business Conversations will be an open space discussion forum. It will bring together young business managers, entrepreneurs, expert speakers, media partners, and event sponsors who have thrived within the current Anglophone crisis to talk about a host of topics ranging from:

  1. Growing your business during the crisis
  2. Selling to new customers even on ghost town days
  3. Finding partners in other cities to distribute your products and services
  4. Expanding your business into new countries and markets
  5. Implementing work-at-home programs to help your team work on ghost town and lockdown days
  6. Business ideas that can make you money even on ghost town days.

To make this event bigger and better as you like it, we’re open for sponsors. If you feel like this event is worth your penny, reach out to us here: editor@afrohustler.com. We’re also on the lookout for partnerships. You could become our media partner, just share this press release with your legions of avid readers.

Remember when I said you’re invited in my title? I meant it. Just get a ticket here (it’s free just for you). And just in case you’re having second thoughts, this event has been authorized.

Buea Business Conversations Event Under the Theme: Running a Business in a Crisis Economy
Authorization for Buea Business Conversations Event

That’s the big fish we’re chasing. But that’s not the only thing we did in February. As usual, we still kept to our routine of providing you with business and entrepreneurship news around Africa. We’ve consistently delivered on this by writing articles about these innovations, events, and delivering to your inbox, our sleek business newsletter.

Sign off time

Whether you’re more the stabby type or the blasty type, that was definitely some good news! We’re hard at work getting Buea Business Conversations ready for launching, so keep your eyes peeled for updates and networking opportunities.

Thank you for being part of the Afro Hustler community!


Emmanuel Ngwa

Assistant Editor for Featured Stories & Publications, Afro Hustler.


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