In rounding off with the year, we decided to take a look back at one of the great accomplishments of this young and powerful  woman Jennifer Achu Tangyie. Among other accomplishments like the creation of Bamenda Fashion week, Jennifer Tangyie released a book titled “Finding your Inner Purpose”.

The book is meant to inspire and enlighten readers on discovering themselves more, by knowing their inner purpose. As a motivational speaker, and humanitarian, she strongly believes in inspiring young women through education, beauty, building a healthy self-esteem to bring out the best in themselves and encouraging self-acceptance.

“Finding your Inner Purpose”, is meant to equip it’s readers (especially young women) on what they need to know about themselves and life’s journey, in order to create a better world for themselves .

“It never ceases to amaze me how we all talk about purpose, read about purpose, think about purpose, without having an understanding of what inner purpose is. This book will take you on a deep journey within your true self to evaluate different aspects of life’s journey.” said Jennifer.

“It is not enough to celebrate “girl power” without also providing examples of strength, confidence and inner purpose. I cannot stand and tell young people that they can change the world without equipping them to take on the task.”

As a former beauty pageant, Jennifer has won a couple of awards like: Miss Africa USA Super Model With Style 2006, Miss Black Beauty International 2005, Miss Photogenic 2005, Miss Cameroon USA 2001/2005. In 2009, Jennifer Tangyie founded the Miss Africa Texas Scholarship pageant. Since then, she has been providing scholarships annually to minority College females in Texas areas. Also, she is co-founder and CEO of the Bamenda fashion week, and owner and founder of Miss Africa Texas pageant.

Quotes from “Finding your Inner Purpose”.

When you live life “out of the box” without letting the society define who you are, or what your “Norm” should be, the sky is just your beginning. Think Broad, Live free and Aim your highest.
-Jennifer Tangyie.

“When you find your inner purpose or passion and work hard towards bringing it to fruition, you only become a better version of yourself”
-Jennifer Tangyie

Inspiring and building up young people for success, positively in every aspect of life is my number one mission and its a purpose. Knowing who you are and understanding who you keep in your inner circle of relationships will determine how far you will go to accomplish anything. Learn to tune off distracting noises, be positive, work hard and stay focused.
-Jennifer Tangyie

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