Through an official Communique presented by the spokesman of the Republic, Issa Tchiroma Bakary  yesterday  Sunday the 11th of December openly declared that the government is ready to call for dialogue to resolve the Anglophone problem. But insisting that Federalism cannot be Accepted for Dialogue as it’s a pretext for secession.

The people of Southern Cameroons are demanding a return to a federal system of governance in an effort to protect their interest. These English-speaking Cameroonians from the North West and South West regions of Cameroon presently feel uncomfortable and cheated in this union with the Republic of Cameroon. So many turn deaf ears to this plight (Anglophone problem) forgetting to acknowledge that Cameroon is made up two UN trust territories who came to a compromise and decided to stay together as two equal federated states.

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We all have experienced social unrest, peaceful protest that ended up in a series of bloodbath and loss of several lives in the English-speaking regions. The people remain resolute and united calling on the government to create a forum for amicable settlement (dialogue). The duty of any government is to serve the people not killing them.  Federalism does not necessarily mean secession and a return to federalism will do this nation better in terms of  development  and equal opportunities. A unitary system  with centralised power will always work to the Southern Cameroon people’s disadvantage.

Federalism creates room for transparent democracy. The USA, Nigeria and others are perfectly doing well under a federated system of governance and why not Cameroon?

Social media is a threat to the government of Cameroon. Issa Tchiroma clearly stated that the government will do everything possible to track down those who use the social media to misinform public opinion , distort the facts and incite hatred, disorder and violent during this period.

If federalism cannot be accepted for dialogue then why the call for dialogue is the question everyone is asking. 


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