iOS 10 is the latest operating system released by Apple. With all the wonderful features embedded in theOS, there are some of them you might want to know how they will come along. For example, the feature is said to watch everything you do. This may either seem annoying or helpful depending on your perspective.

As revealed in a pre-release beta of iOS 10 software, Apple Maps now watches what users are copying and pasting in their iPhone or iPad. Copy an address, for example, and Apple Maps’ new app widget will offer driving directions. That works even if you copy a location in Google Maps – making it easy for you to send directions to a friend by text or email.

How does the iOS 10 Maps work?

After you copy an address in Google Maps, Apple Maps acknowledges it’s been watching you with the message “Recently viewed in Google Maps.” Depending on the source, the message could also say “Recently viewed in Waze” if coming from Google’s crowdsourced traffic app or “Recently viewed in Safari” if coming from the web.

It still remains unknown whether all these information is passed on to Apple.

In the fall, Apple plans to release iOS 10 for free and by then, some of these features may no longer exist.
Apple has spent the past four years refining its maps app along with other features. This year, the company is focusing heavily on making its Siri voice assistant more useful to users. Offering easy navigation and driving directions through its maps app is an undoubtedly important feature.

In our present dispensation, no one can confidently say he or she  has complete privacy. The world is now interwoven in this big web, called the internet. No one can be too careful. Only those with hidden agenda will be scared to possess an iPhone or an iPad and enjoy all that the gadgets and the latest OS can offer.


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