Barely a month after received the Commonwealth award for best E-health application of the year. It’s about time this E-health startup spread its wings throughout Africa. GiftedMom with some other partners, is managing a seed round fundraising operation, to attempt to raise a global amount of USD 500,000, about FCFA 300 million.

These funds will help finance the E-health startup to move into seven other African countries, some of which include Kenya, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Côte d’Ivoire. This will help them reach out to thousands of women in other parts of Africa.

As at now, the E-Health startup has its wings spread across five regions of Cameroon. Moreover, GiftedMom is already operating in Nigeria and Mali, and is in its pilot stage in Haiti, thanks in part to the support of the IFC, the subsidiary of the World Bank dedicated to the private sector.

GiftedMom has helped reduce the number of deaths which occur during or after pregnancy and has as well helped educate women and young girls about pregnancy. With a lower percentage of women going for AnteNatal care, the service helps to educate women in rural areas on the importance of antenatal care and also provides follow-up for them. They also provide services like teen health/sex education, family planning and contraception, outreach education campaigns, real-time monitoring using Google fusion tables etc.

7-Year-Old Michelle Nkamankeng is Africa’s Youngest Author.

In just two years, this E-Health startup is growing non-stop. Getting to a stage where it will be able to  make money from its services. It definitely means a brighter future for them. What we see is a startup which will be able to change the lives of so many women. In a case like pregnancy where some women or young girls do not have the  opportunity to get support from family or friends in order to properly take care of themselves.

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