Today we find the picture sharing platform more interesting as businesses can seamlessly share the replay of their live videos on Instagram stories in a fresh and exciting way.

Start sharing your stories today

The Instagram story was a great milestone which enables users and businesses to make short engaging videos showcasing their businesses and products to audiences in a hilarious manner.

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The Instagram story is more popular and romantic than Snap chat. With over 200 million people using the feature every day it’s a clear indication that this feature is ideal for your business and audiences.

How to share the replay of your live videos on Instagram Stories

After having finished broadcasting a live video, you can effortlessly add the replay to Instagram Stories for 24 hours by tapping “Share” at the bottom of the screen.

If you wish to not share this though, then you can simply tap the toggle and choose “Discard”— resulting in the live video to disappear from the app (as it normally would).

This is how you share the replay of your live videos on Instagram Stories

When your replay is shared, it will appear in the stories bar with your business profile photo and a play button.Tapping this will launch the video and display comments and likes from the original broadcast. You will also be able to see exactly how many people watched the video—both live and in stories.

The “Send Message” feature allows for an easy and quick way to reply to your brand’s replay.

”Send Message” feature is a cool thing. It enables your audiences to communicate with you

If you shared multiple replays, your audience will be able to easily jump between these videos by navigating the arrows at the top. In addition to this, they can also tap the right or left side of the screen at any time to go forward or back 15 seconds in each video. These navigation features give viewers more control when engaging with a business and its live video replays on Instagram Stories.

Isn’t this a child’s play? Instagram is that platform that will help your business engage with customers deeply especially with its new feature that warrants you to share the replay of a live video directly to Instagram Stories.

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