Conceiving and implementing an innovative idea to make your business groundbreaking could be challenging.The thing is, being innovative in business gives your business an edge compared to others. Building a novel business is paramount.

Being an entrepreneur is no easy task with so many ups and downs at every stage in the game that can really get you mentally exhausted.

That’s why understanding how to remain innovative at all times is important. Learning these tricks to help you get through the tough times is essential.

I’ve put together some amazing go-to strategies that will help you make a state-of-the-art business and outsmart the competition.

Learning from Failure

Many business people see failure as a drawback, and each time they face failure in business they either quit or just close up from taking any risk.

Failure is an incredible learning tool, it steers you in the right direction as a business person. Thomas Edison put it well when he said, “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

LAYE Mbunkur a formidable business guru in Buea, ventured into 9 different businesses and failed in all but didn’t give up, now he has a flourishing business helping other businesses grow with his Small Business Support Center initiative.

Building Creative Confidence

If you’re not confident your innovative idea will die at the level of inception. It takes courage and a great deal of confidence to convey an innovative idea to transform the status quo of a business.

At a time when event business was a rare find, G.M Ashu-Arrey a seasoned social entrepreneur and founder of I Spaces took a confident leap to start an event business from scratch to one of the biggest event firms in Buea. If Ashu wasn’t confident he couldn’t have realised his event company.

As an entrepreneur, you need to build confidence to step out and face new challenges and create new innovative ideas in your business.


All business people need to remain positive in all conditions. Optimism makes you more creative, encouraging you to push on when we hit dead ends. Optimism is amongst those factors that will push you through to implement and realise that innovative idea of yours.

If it wasn’t for optimism Africa wouldn’t have had created by Mambe Churchill. Njorku is a job search engine that helps African youths get jobs. The job search engine is an absolute innovative idea which came into being as a result of great optimism.  In business approaching a problem with optimism infuses you with the right energy to search for innovative solutions.

The job search engine is an absolute innovative idea which came into being as a result of great optimism.  In business approaching a problem with optimism infuses you with the right energy to search for innovative solutions.



Empathy has that ability to trigger innovative ideas. Yes, it does! I am convinced that by sharing someone else’s feelings and experience may orchestrate you to devise an innovative idea to solve the problems they encountered to prevent others from falling into the same trap.

I will narrate a short story how empathy evoked an innovative and transformational idea to change the community of Mile 16 Bolifamba Buea by Royalty.

The CEO of Royalty discovered that the community of Mile 16 has serious issues of concern – girls dropping out from school at a very tender age, early pregnancy affects the life of the girl child and low level of illiteracy.

Ngum Doris is bringing transformation to lives in the Mile 16 community because she has taken the time to live and interact with the people, hence has firsthand experience of their problem. She is striving to change the look of things in this community with her Royalty project which is funded by reputable international bodies.

Meeting the needs of your customer as a business person is very crucial. Empathy can give you an upper hand to meet their particular need in the most relevant way.

The 4 above elements are good to help you build an innovative business or make your existing business more innovative. Remember as an entrepreneur, you should think out of the box. Innovative thinking can help you to outsmart competitors and stay on the competitive edge.

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