Indigo Trust announced a new management for a fund to support Technology Innovation hubs across Africa.
Indigo Trust is a UK based grants foundation that funds technology-driven projects to bring about social change, largely in African countries. The Trust’s principal areas of interest lie in transparency, accountability, and citizen empowerment. Indigo trust used to support initiatives in health, education and agriculture but the Trust no longer funds such projects.

African startups are deeply engaged in developing technology-driven innovation with a local context. A couple of them have shown a proven track record. Some have captured the interest of international funders like Indigo Trust that believes that the best solutions to African challenges will be devised by Africans.

Indigo Trust has always had a keen interest in African startups. They provide state-of-the-art facilities, events, mentorship, training and networking opportunities to technology communities across Sub-Saharan Africa.

Innovation hubs help to grow, upskill and strengthen technology communities and help them connect to important stakeholders like funders and the corporate sector. This international funder firmly believes that such provisions will have a catalytic effect on the quality and quantity of projects being devised across the continent.

The Indigo Trust is typically known for supporting technology innovation hubs across sub-Saharan Africa since 2011. The Trust is part of a joint hub funding initiative with Hivos and Foundation DOEN for 2 years, which has collaboratively supported African startups.

The joint hub fund initiative known as ‘The Technology Innovation Hub Fund for Sub-Saharan Africa’ is designed to provide core costs to relatively established hubs and seed funding to groups.These groups automatically aim to grow and strengthen technology communities in country’s or cities where they barely exist.Indigo Trust is solely responsible for the management of the Joint Hub Fund Initiative.

This year, the fund has supported ActivSpaces (Cameroon), Hivecolab (Uganda) and iSpace (Ghana) with core funding and mHub (Malawi) and Sensi (Sierra Leone) with seed funding. The fund has also previously supported SwahiliBox (Mombasa, Kenya) and KINU in Tanzania.


Indigo Trust has consistently supported Technology Innovation Hub across Africa simply because startups had given good feedback to this funder. African startups should stay committed and focus so as to develop technology-driven innovation to solve the problems the continent is currently facing. Hence, this will attract more funders and inevitably promote African Entrepreneurship.


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