The incredible feem rescued the situation! Most of the time, we consumer of tech hit so hard on Apple. We criticise and say Apple is selfish as it won’t permit its iPhone product to transfer files to non-Apple devices. However, I don’t know what happened to Bluetooth. Probably, Bluetooth may have taken a safari trip never to return? The incredible Feem App created  by Fritz Ekwoge  transfer files from one to many devices without the use of the internet.

Share and transfer files easily with feem


Fritz Ekwoge is the creator of this feem app. This young techpreneur studied Software Engineering in Yaounde but basically he started writing codes by 16 while in boarding school. Fritz used the Texas instrument calculator in learning programming back in secondary school. His inspiration to develop this incredible Feem app came as a result of his father’s apple iPad not being able to share or transfer files to his dad’s windows computer. Being a software engineer, Fritz took the challenge  and developed Feem to solve daddy’s little worries. Notwithstanding, little did he know he was building a global product.

Feem grabs international award and recognition

Let’s talk about the incredible FEEM and how it works

Definitely, Feem is an app/ software that enables the owner of devices to transfer large files in record time such as videos, pictures, documents audios etc. FEEM can be used at home, at school and at work.  FEEM is around 50 times faster than Bluetooth and around twice as fast as Dropbox. It has a much wider range than Bluetooth, and can send to multiple devices simultaneously. This app creates a hotspot giving room for other devices ”including apple’s iPhone” to connect and share resources.

Feem app displayed on iphone 4s

Moreover, the FEEM has a feature which I’m sure you will love. It has a messaging feature that allows you to send messages to devices in the same network without the use of airtime and internet. This app differentiates its users by giving them names such as Gray Whale, Angry Bird, Swift Dolphin etc

International recognition

In a nutshell, FEEM is that app that will take care of all your data transfer need. Bluetooth is very limited to deliver as we now transfer heavy files like movies documents, audio files, etc. Mobile users should download this amazing app and experience a great user satisfaction whereas computer users should not hesitate to get it here

Please download your FEEM app below:

Feem For iOS 8.0+

Feem For Mac OSX

Feem For Android 4.0+

Feem For Windows Desktop


Have a nice time as you enjoy this amazing feem.

My sincere regards to Bluetooth.

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