You can only increase Facebook likes if you sought out and engage your audience. If you don’t you will obviously have no one to consume your content. Thus making it difficult to create a brand awareness. It’s not about the quantity of likes but the quality. However you need to understand how Facebook works and need to use more social media monitoring tools.

 6 Ways to Increase Facebook Likes on your Page

  1. Optimize your Facebook Page Info

Make sure you encapsulate your brand’s images. Try to give them as much info as you can. All of these information will help your page appear in Facebook & Google search when people are looking for companies like yours. This helps increase your likes.

  1. Post engaging content

It’s important to post engaging, entertaining, and interesting content on your business Page. Facebook constantly updates its Edgerank algorithm, and rewards posts that receive engagement (likes, comments, shares) with increased reach. Videos are the best type of content to post on Facebook for capturing attention and driving engagement. But make it an optimal length.

  1. Be active

People are unlikely to like your Facebook page if you don’t post regularly. How often should you post? There is no magic number but many best practice guides suggest 3x a week to once a day.

You can use your Facebook Page Insights and check out which days and times of the day your audience is active on Facebook. Click on Insights > Posts > When You rFans are Online to find this information. Then you can post when your audience is online and analyse how they engage in it.

  1. Use Facebook Social Plugins

You can promote your page with Facebook Social Plugins. It lets you easily embed and promote your Facebook Page on your website. Just like on Facebook, your visitors can like and share the Page without having to leave your site.

  1. Run a contest

Companies run Facebook contests all the time to build their audience and get more likes. If you decide to do so, make sure your contest follows Facebook’s Promotion Guidelines. And If you use an app to run your contest, make sure it’s mobile-optimized.

  1. Use social media monitoring to measure, analyze, and learn

Use Facebook Insights to find useful metrics on your Page performance. You can view metrics like reach, number of engaged users, engagement rate, and new Page likes. These metrics will help you understand what drives your likes and how to improve on that.

These steps will definitely help you increase Facebook likes.


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