If your company has been taking serious notes on the customer service culture in Cameroon, your efforts have not been in vain. They are soon going to be rewarded by the country’s first-ever customer service firm, Institute of Customer Service (ICS) Cameroon, through its Customer Service Awards program.

ICS Cameroon recently announced the International Customer Service Awards program to take place in Cameroon for the first time. It is an international annual customer service awards event where the world’s customer service firms celebrate and award the best companies and organizations practicing customer service.  This year’s customer service week as it is fondly called, will run from October 2 to 6 at Hotel Vallée des Princes, Douala.

Institute of Customer Service Cameroon is the leading customer experience in Cameroon, providing consultancy services, customer service training, and customer service awards in Cameroon. ICS is the first customer service consultancy firm to ever be created in Cameroon and having special recognition from Customer Service Institute of America, it is no doubt the best rewarder for the country’s best-practicing customer service staff and employees.

This award undoubtedly provides an opportunity to recognize and reward the hardworking individuals and businesses who provide excellence in the customer service business in Cameroon. There is, therefore, the need for ICS to celebrate and reward excellent customer service offered by businesses, non-profit/government organizations, individuals and Customer Service professionals.

How can your company participate?

These Awards are open to any organization that provides service to customers, not simply retail trade. This event highlights the importance of customer service and encourages businesses and staff to strive to exceed customers’ expectations. The 2017 nomination process is company-generated (of nomination by the staff of the said organizations or companies) and the finalist is reviewed by an independent panel.

Each Company simply does an in-house selection and provides the finalist to the Awards, this finalist will then be recognized before the eyes of the world as best Customer Service Staff of the said company. From 2018 all judging will be done by an independent judging committee.

One question you are most probably asking now is, why should my company participate, what’s in for me? It’s an opportunity for your company to prove to its customers that you care about customer service as well as, show the world the actions you are taking to improve your company’s customer experience.

This event will be celebrated in over 60 countries around the world, a real show of the importance of customer service. The event is also open to sponsorship from diverse companies and organizations as a show of their customer service exhibition. That’s how serious customer service is and has become.

How can you book a ticket, sponsor or participate?

Visit the event’s website or call any of the numbers below for details.

Contacts: +237 677144395 / +237 698093335 / +237 243381414


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