Japan will help Rwanda build its first telecom satellite by 2020

The Rwandan government dreams of achieving total telecom autonomy and Japan just promised to make it a reality. Japan says it wants to help build the country’s first telecommunications satellite. This innovation will enable it to connect rural and remote areas of the country to improve the national territory’s observation. Weather control and military communications. This program will install the first Rwandan agency in charge of space sciences and satellites.

UN brings tech innovation lab in Egypt

The United Nations (UN) has opened its African Technology Innovation Lab (UNTIL) in Egypt. Created with the aim of training, hosting and implementing technology innovation solutions that address global challenges. Egypt’s Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (TIEC) will house this lab.

According to the UN, the Egyptian Lab will try to focus on a number of fields and thematic areas related to the education of People with Disabilities (PwDs). It will also intervene in the prevention of epidemics, medical tourism and waste management. Used for protecting the environment and rationalizing water consumption in agriculture.

Equatorial Guinea: A well-planned coup gone bad

Mr. Obiang came to power some 40 years through a coup in which he ousted and killed his own uncle, Francisco Macias Nguema. The same thing just almost happened to him. Government troops in Equatorial Guinea reputedly shot dead a “mercenary” during clashes on Wednesday near the border with Cameroon.

At least 30 armed men from Chad, Cameroon and the Central African Republic were arrested late last month, according to the BCC. They had rocket launchers, rifles and ammunition just over the Cameroonian border.

The armed men are believed to be hired mercenaries who have an agenda to overthrow the government of President Teodoro Obiang Nguema.


4000 km of optical fiber deployed in Cameroon

According to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, 4000km of additional optical fiber was deployed in the country in 2017 as part of the third phase of the construction of the national fiber optic backbone, which brings the national total lining to 12000 km. This performance sees a breakthrough for creativity at the sub-regional level. This network will also be interconnected with those of CEMAC countries. With these advances, Cameroon intends to set an example, while positioning itself as the sub-regional hub for telecom.

Fermencam destroyed by fire on New Years Day

The company that produces Cameroon’s liquors, Fermencam started the year 2018 in tears. As employees stayed home to enjoy the new year, a raging fire consumed Fermencam’s main warehouses stocked with raw materials. However, the assets controlled by the Cameroonian billionaire Samuel Foyou, caused the spread of flames to the surrounding homes of the plant. It affected nine buildings including a school.

The industry had the potential to position two other companies after it made FCFA 12 billion in 2013. But its all gone.

President Paul Biya Fails to Pacify Anglophone Cameroonians in New Year Message

Cameroon’s Octogenarian has failed to pacify moderate Anglophone Cameroonians in his 2018 message to the nation. As the yearlong political crisis persists in the two English-speaking regions, moderate Cameroonians have consistently advocated frank dialogue for a Federal structure.

Rather, the President in his 31st Dec. 2017 speech boasted that; “During the year just ending, Cameroon confirmed to the world, within a difficult context, the soundness of its institutions, the resilience of its economy and its attachment to national unity.”

He promised to deal with separatist forces in the Anglophone regions and Boko Haram terrorists in the North of the country. Many critics have continued to ask whether the President actually understands the current realities in the country.


Spotify just “IPOed”

Sometime in the next few months, it’s expected to hit the stock market. This is why you can now hear words like ‘direct listing.’ Usually, when a company wants to IPO (Initial Public Offering), it hires an investment bank to do things like price its shares and hype the company before its coming-out party. A direct listing means Spotify – which could now be worth around $20 billion, can do it all on its own. It can be less expensive and easier than a traditional IPO.

It’s officially over for Otto

Their prized product is sitting in some warehouse with no one to ship it. Otto is out of money and will perhaps never get to sell you the $700 fingerprint-scanning door lock you never knew you needed, wanted, or cared about. The Digital Smart Lock company shut down and sacked its staff just before Christmas – without ever delivering a product.

According to Otto’s CEO and founder Sam Jadallah, the reason is still not understood. “We had extended our cash to get to the closing date, and now we’re left without alternatives.” Jadallah believes the tech could make some kind of a comeback in the coming weeks. For now, let’s just watch.

USA, a Global Champion of Inequality under Donald Trump

Trump’s administration faces accusations of being a world “…champion of inequality.” The accusation came from a UN Special Rapporteur on poverty, Professor Philip Alston, in a statement on his visit to the U.S.

In that light, the UN expert was particularly shocked by the level of poverty in the state of Alabama: ‘We haven’t seen this in the first world’, he lamented. Many homes in the state are reported not to be connected to public sewage systems and owners can’t afford to install septic tanks.

Hence, many people have resorted to digging ditches and straight piping in order to dispose of wastewater from homes, thereby posing serious health risks. This report could be very strange to many, especially in LDCs who believe that there is no poor man in America.

Silicon Times


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