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“Remember your dreams and fight for them. You must know what you want from life. There is just one thing that makes your dream become impossible: the fear of failure.”

Paulo Coelho


Google’s found favor in Mzamo Masito

Before now, Mzamo Masito held a senior position at Vodacom. Google soon went in search of a new Chief Marketing Officer for its Sub-Sahara African branch, and Mzamo Masito seemed to fit. Besides having an MBA and serving on the GIBS advisory board, Masito previously held senior positions at Nike and Unilever.

Masito expressed his dire hard interest in working for a company that is so committed to changing lives in Africa. Joining the tech juggernaut on January 8, 2018, Mzamo Masito will be leading the SSA marketing team. His aim will include helping people take advantage of the opportunities the Internet offers.

MTN wants to bank all of Africa’s money

South African-based telecoms giant MTN, just made a startling revelation to the rest of Africa. During the Deloitte Africa in 2018 Outlook conference in Woodmead, the telco’s CEO Rob Shuter, told the world that MTN — Africa’s biggest mobile operator is gunning to become Africa’s biggest bank. This ambitious business strategy was triggered by the progress made by its Mobile Money offering in other geographies that it operates in.

In 2016, the telco giant silenced its Mobile Money services in South Africa after it failed to gain traction in the South African market. According to Shuter, however, MTN wants to build Mobile Money into a 60-million customer business in the next three to four years.

“We will be the largest bank in Africa, leveraging scale, network, brand, infrastructure, and distribution.” Till date, MTN has deployed its Mobile Money services to 14 markets across Africa.

From the Pitch to the Throne: George Weah inaugurated as Liberia’s President

Former Ballon d’Or Winner, George Opong Weah, has finally been sworn in as the new President of the Republic of Liberia. Weah was inaugurated on Monday, 22nd January 2018 in the capital, Monrovia. The occasion marked the first peaceful transition of power in Liberia since 1944.

Football history describes George Weah as one of the best soccer players throughout the 90s. This was when he played for Monaco, PSG, and AC Milan. He won the Ballon d’Or in 1995 and also won the African Footballer of the Year award three times, among victories. He remains the first and only African player to have won the Ballon d’Or and FIFA World Player of the Year.

George Weah’s rise to the Presidential throne is a powerful political motivator for any politically aspiring individual. Having been mocked by his opponents for being an uneducated candidate during his first presidential attempt, Weah, took it as a challenge to acquire a Bachelor and Master’s degree before returning to the presidential race.


A leaked code just cost Orange a billion FCFA

Orange Cameroun suffered a “fault computer” on January 21, 2018.  This was as a result of a leaked subscription code that allowed customers to freely subscribe to a 100GB data package, which normally costs FCFA 25.000. This code leaked on social networks which resulted in a general rush as it spread. After the code had been invalidated by midnight, it was discovered thousands of clients had subscribed repeatedly, illegally granting some up to hundreds of GB.

This caused Orange to lose about a billion FCFA. In retaliation, the operator proceeded to the withdrawal of all illegally obtained packages through the code. As a result, an internal investigation was opened to determine the origin of the problem. That’s to find out whether it was a computer malfunction or not.

BEAC’s market receives an issuance

After the issuance on January 17, 2018, in which the country raised more than 300% of its initial target for a reasonable 3% interest rate, Cameroon resolved to raise FCFA 5 billion by issuing fungible treasury bonds to resolve its temporary treasury difficulties.

Before this, according to the 2018 finance law, Cameroon intends raising only FCFA 260 billion on BEAC’S security market in the present year as against FCFA 300 billion raised in 2017.

Cameroon government dragged to Court over internet shutdown in Anglophone regions

Access Now and Internet Sans Frontières (ISF), are two international NGOs that have sued the government of Cameroon before the country’s top court, over the internet blackout imposed on the restive Anglophone regions. The two net freedom groups, through the January 19, lawsuit are “challenging a government-ordered” internet shutdown last year in the North West and South West Regions.

Access Now and Internet Sans Frontieres are US-based and Paris-based NGOs, respectively. They have come under the banner of #KeepItOn coalition and have been documenting the cost of internet shutdowns. Their lawsuit against the Cameroon government comes to add to two earlier court actions instituted in April 2017 seeking to have judicial pronouncements on the shutdown.

The executive even controls and regulates the Cameroon judiciary. Can the Anglophone regions get justice on this matter considering the present political imbroglio?


Apple wants to digitize your medical records

Apple released the first beta version of iOS 11.3 on Wednesday. This update brought with it a new health effort that will collect users’ medical records all in one place and provide them direct access. You’ll be seeing a new Health Records menu in the Health Data section of Apple’s health app. This new section will let you gather and view all your medical records. The company has begun partnering with hospitals and clinics to push through this effort.

According to Apple, you’ll be able to add CDA (Clinical Document Architecture) files to this menu. Though some hospitals are already probably sending you those files, Apple just wants to automate the process.

What this means is, those hospitals and clinics will now be able to push this data directly to your iPhone. You’ll receive a notification alerting you that you just received a new medical record. Plus, your passcode will encrypt all this data on your phone.

While the new version of iOS is going to remain in beta testing for a couple of months, it should be available as a free download to all iPhone users pretty soon.

Facebook acquires biometric ID verification startup

Facebook has made its big leap once more by announcing that it will buy a software firm that specializes in authenticating government-issued identification cards. Confirm.io builds tools that allow others to quickly and easily identify government-issued identification so that companies can ensure users are who they say they are.

The social giant could potentially use this technology to have people confirm their identities if they’re locked out of their accounts after being hacked or losing their passwords. Confirm.io had raised at least $4 million from investors, including Cava Capital, since launching three years ago.

In September, Facebook began testing a feature that lets you unlock your account using a selfie. And since at least 2013, Facebook has allowed users to mail a copy of their photo ID or other identity verification materials in order to regain access to their accounts. One day, perhaps, Facebook could even serve as your ID card in some situations.

US-Russia ties worsen as Trump woos China  

During the build-up to the last US presidential election, candidate Trump said Putin had declared him a “genius,” and that it would be better “if we got along.” On the other hand, Trump saw China as a currency manipulator, a thief of US jobs that should no longer be allowed to “rape our country.” He even promised sanctions and legal action against Beijing if elected.

However, developing events between Russia and the US are proving that wielding power as opposed to criticizing it, can change your outlook. Trump recently declared that “we’re not getting along with Russia at all, we may be at an all-time low.” On the contrary, his administration is in “a very good chemistry’ with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

According to CNN, President Trump’s policy reversal on Russia and China is part of a series of policy flip-flops that have seen him abandon his campaign promises notably on NATO, Israel, the Iran nuclear agreement and US alliances in Asia.

Silicon Times


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