This startup wants to solve Africa’s waste problem

Kenya has a waste management issue. It seems like they produce the highest amount of waste in Africa. In 2016, the country’s capital, Nairobi was producing about 24.000 tons of waste daily. Illegal dumpsites accommodated 62% of that waste. But Mr. Green Africa, a tech-enabled plastic recycling startup is trying to help tackle this problem . They aim is to trade recycables while achieving both social and environmental impacts.

Airtel and Tigo merge as a single network

The talents, technologies and tactical expertise of Airtel and Tigo are now unified as AirtelTigo. They recently launched the tie of their brands that will advance their commitment to providing the best mobile and fixed telephone service and solutions to consumers and businesses. Nevertheless, Roshi Motman, the CEO of AirtelTigo promised more exciting offers for customers of both networks while they integrate into one network.

Mugabe is not going out without a fight

The Zimbabwean President, who’s been in power since 1980, resisted efforts to push him out. Then, he appeared on Friday 17, November 2017 at a university graduation, just two days after he was put under house arrest. For decades, President Robert Mugabe has been in charge. Last week, he fired his Vice President (his constitutional successor) in an attempt to put his wife in line to succeed him. But the military was not pleased and decided to put an end to his 37-year grip on power.

Military leaders, who snatched power from him on Wednesday, were part of the talks held to form a transition government. But by Friday, it was clear Mugabe was digging his heels in. This has pushed the price of Bitcoin in Zimbabwe as high as $13,000, nearly twice the going rate in global markets.


160 ivory, parrot feathers and pangolin scales detained from smugglers in Douala

Some unidentified men were caught trying to smuggle items stolen from protected animals out of the country. Fortunately, before they could escape to Nigeria, the police caught up with them. The items got seized and released to the ministry of forests and fauna. Three people were arrested as a result.

France grants CFA46.2 billion Contract to Cameroon

Louis Paul Motaze, Cameroon’s minister of economy, Gilles Thibault French ambassador to Cameroon and Christian Yoka, director of the French Development Agency (AFD) signed on November 15, in Yaoundé, two conventions providing CFA46.2 billion to Cameroon in the framework of the third debt reduction and development contract (C2D). The overall amount of this C2D is about CFA400 billion and, is essentially intended for social projects.

Mysterious fire takes down Cameroon’s National Assembly

While the cause of the fire remains a mystery, its damage was devastating. The fire was sighted around 10 pm on Thursday 16, Novemver 2017 and the ravaging fire is said to have invaded the 4th floor of the building, spreading to the 7th floor. The building was heavily ruined despite efforts from firefighters to quench the fire. Fortunately, there has so far been no indication of any casualties.

However, the claims circulating on social media that the fire was a deliberate act has been refuted by Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Minister of Communication and government spokesman. According to him, the fire incident was just an accident and nothing more.


Airbnb acquires ad tech startup AdBasis

It looks like accessibility isn’t the only thing Airbnb wants to upgrade on its platform. On the same day the online rental firm announced that it acquired Accomable, it has emerged that it has made another small acquisition. Airbnb has acquired adtech startup AdBasis, which had built a platform and dashboard for ad testing and optimization.

Tweeter initiates its verification badge removal program

The company announced new guidelines for its verification program and promised to remove the verification badge from accounts that go outside its rules. According to the company, tweeting content that incites hate, harassment, violence or violating Twitter’s rules, could lead to removal of the verification badge. This week, the company already began taking action. So far, some of Twitter’s prominent users have lost their verified status already.

US backs out, but stays committed to climate accord

The Trump administration hasn’t reverted its plans to pull out of the Paris Climate Accord. But the US remains committed to fighting greenhouse gas emissions. According to a top US representative at international climate talks, the US will only rejoin the talks “under terms more favourable to the American people.” Meantime, Pope Francis has denounced those who deny taking part in curbing global warming. His message seems to have been directed towards the US for earlier backing out of the deal.

Silicon times


  • Do not miss out the #Homelifestyle# #class# by HEG Moment at Hotel Akwa Palace Douala on Wednesday November 29th 2017 at 7:00PM.
  • Be at the Business Conference in Accra at the Accra International Conference Center all about Time with Dangote on Friday December 15th 2017 from 7:00PM.
  • Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi is hosting a business convention about Future Energy in East Africa on Wednesday the 29th of November 2017 from 8:AM.
  • Attend the Pronto Woonparty comprising of diverse localities popular in home and lifestyle on the 22nd of November 2017 starting at 7:00PM.
  • Revolution cycling champions League Round will be taking place at Lee Valley Velo Park in London all about sports and fitness and tournament on Saturday 25th November 2017 starting at 7:00 PM



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