After creating 160.000 jobs, 1.300 Afripreneurs descend to Lagos for the TEF entrepreneurship forum

Tony Elumelu has once again, unleashed the continent’s most potent development force – the entrepreneurs. “On October 13 and 14, we invite the global entrepreneurship community to Lagos towards the realization of a New Africa, a thriving, self-reliant continent capable of replicating the results we have seen in our ground-breaking program.” Tony Elumelu said.

For the first time, the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) opens the forum to non-TEF entrepreneurs to attend, network, connect with investors and share knowledge.

Andela is $40 million richer. What next?

The Pan-African coding school Andela securely raised $40 million in Series C funding from a host of investors in a landmark round, taking its total venture funding to over $80 million. According to Andela, it will use the capital to fuel its expansion plans in Africa.

It’s aiming to launch offices in two additional African countries over the next year and double its developer base to 1,000. Unfortunately, though there is more capital to fund global ideas, there are people fewer people to build them.

Back to 783: Jacob Zuma’s past has followed him right into the present

In 2009, South Africa’s Supreme Court dropped some 783 corruption charges against its current president, Jacob Zuma. These charges were partly linked to alleged bribes Zuma received in connection with an arms deal and were initially instituted since 2005 – long before he even became president.

But a South African court yesterday, paid Zuma’s case file a legal visit. And they are struggling so hard to reinstate the whopping 783 charges of corruption and fraud against him.


Minpostel sponsors 2000 ICT projects on Kiro’o Rebuntu Program

Late in September, the Cameroon government launched a call for the submission of IT projects. Olivier Madiba, founder of the startup, Kiro’o Games (the first made-in-Cameroon video game studio) intends to share with 10.000 entrepreneurs, 13 years of experience in fund-raising through the Kiro’o Rebuntu program. However, it turns out most IT project bearers can’t afford to pay a registration fee of FCFA 10.000. This week, Minpostel opted to sponsor the registration of 2.000 ICT projects on the Kiro’o Rebuntu mentoring platform.

Bank at night with BgfiBank

Banking in Cameroon before now was limited to day-time banking. But all that is beginning to change with Gabonese bank, BgfiBank. The banking group intends to swing open all its offices until 8 PM through a service called “BgfiNight.” As a result, customers will still be able to carry out their financial transactions till nightfall. Meaning, a dedicated team will be available to provide customers with “secure services.” A similar service was introduced in Gabon in 2016 (BgfiTime).

Movie star breaks the silence over Anglophone predicament

Ever since the “unequally represented” English-speaking people of Cameroon took to the streets, the country’s celebrities seemed to have swallowed their voices. Until recently, the popular Cameroonian actor, Epule Jeffrey decided to break the silence. In a Facebook post, he opted for dialogue against violence, “YES to dialogue, NO to violence.”

His call for dialogue precedes a heightened level of struggle after October 1 incident that led to some deaths and malicious arrests of civilians.


Alibaba is flushing $15 billion into new research labs

On Wednesday, the company came out clear, announcing it will drop $15 billion on a program involving 7 new research and development labs worldwide. It’s part of Alibaba’s goal to become a global tech juggernaut. Therefore, it will compete with tech titans like Google, Microsoft and their inspirational rival, Amazon.

And they are calling the program, DAMO – Discovery, Adventure, Momentum and Outlook. DAMO will focus its energy on disruptive technology research (quantum computing, machine learning, data intel and natural-language processing are some areas they will focus on). The company is not bluffing. Whatever Amazon does, Alibaba intends to do it better.

Microsoft bids farewell to Windows Phone

After 17 years of existence, Microsoft has finally realized that not many people are using its phone and apps. So there will be no new features or hardware for the Windows 10 mobile. There was a hype that Microsoft was ‘hurtingly’ laying off its mobile device. But it turns out it wasn’t really a hype after all as the Head of Microsoft’s Windows Division, Joe Belfiore recently confirmed, the company is not and has no plans to work on any new hardware or features for the device.

However, Microsoft promises to continue fixing bugs and running security updates. This public admission seems to have initiated the final shutdown for Windows phones. Microsoft’s new mobile approach will definitely focus on building Android and iOS applications.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Cortana can now find answers inside your Skype chats. Is Skype your chosen chat app? You’re lucky. As of October 10, Microsoft rolled out its Cortana assistant into its Skype app for Android and iOS devices. It will allow you to ask questions and get answers right inside your conversations. Too bad, Windows phone won’t be getting it.

Hollywood soul-searching in wake of Weinstein scandal

The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment and assault allegations unleashed a dizzying, eight-day whirlwind through Hollywood. One that has seen a steady onslaught of new accusers. Even before the New York Times story first hit, there were already reports that the high-profile producer and executive, had put together a legal and publicity team to battle coming stories about him in the Times and the New Yorker.

Weinstein’s scandal also exposed another. Roy Price, head of Amazon Studios who has been put on leave after making obscene comments to a TV producer.

Silicon Times


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