Mobile Money in Africa about to experience a new phase

In order to drive mobile money services to more of the world, Huawei, partners with Xpress Money. This collaboration is set to hit a significant note in the African market. Xpress money will have access to Huawei’s 100 million mobile money subscriber base platform.

Growing Xpress Money’s mobile money footprint and strengthening Huawei’s international reach will help reduce the cost of remittance services. It will also drive financial inclusion for millions of mobile money users in Africa. Graciously, these ICT solutions providers are bent on growing mobile money in Africa.

Nairobi County partners with Cisco to deploy Digital Business Roadmap

The Nairobi City County has deployed the first phase of the foundation technology solutions covered in the Digital Business Roadmap. Recently, it launched its Digital Business Roadmap that will drive better citizen experiences when engaging the county; better the county’s workforce environment and technology experience; drive operational efficiency in transport, health, education, and agriculture; and reduce overall risk as a result of cyber threats. With innovations like this, it’s now hard to say the African techsphere hasn’t expanded.

Senegal air traffic control hit at new Dakar airport

The Blaise Diagne International Airport cost more than $600 million to build. But just after a week of official opening, an air traffic controller strikes. Several flights were canceled and others re-routed to The Gambia. Hundreds of passengers got affected. However, the government hopes that the new airport will boost economic growth through tourism and become a regional hub for West Africa.


Eligibility for Indian e-visas now open to Cameroonians

The path to India has been opened. No more long procedures, all you need to have is your passport. The Indian Honorary Consul in Douala just made Cameroon eligible for the Indian e-visa. This is good news for every Cameroonian tourist who wishes to travel to India. However, Cameroonians requesting a visa online must do that at least four days prior to the arrival.

 MTN Cameroon and Ericsson aid in recycling tons of electronic waste

Not everyone has the same view towards a specific topic or thing. What some people consider as waste, Mtn and Ericsson see them as very useful resources. These two giant companies collected and shipped 53 tons of electronic waste for recycling to South Africa. This, in the framework of a programme called “Product Take Back”. It might interest you to know that this programme also has a positive effect on clients: it helps them reduce the costs associated with eliminating used electronic materials.

Manyu under repeated attack after Biya’s famous “declaration of war”

For close to two weeks now, the villages across the Division recount casualties in terms of human displacement, indiscriminate arrests and loss of lives as security forces waged war on unidentified attackers. The famous ‘calecale’ method of arrest has resurfaced in the Division in the face of the recent government pronouncement. This makes living in Manyu Division of the Southwest Region, a nightmare.


Net neutrality is no more, but the fight is not over

Four days ago, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to ditch net neutrality – the idea that Internet providers can’t speed up or slow down a site’s connection based on its ability to pay. The Obama-era FCC put net neutrality rules in place in 2015. Now, it’s the reverse. Supporters of net neutrality say it keeps the internet free and fair. Critics say it’s an unnecessary regulation.

But we do have one thing on our side – opposition is tremendous. A recent university survey showed that 83% of Americans opposed the FCC’s repeal.

In the internet’s social hubs – Reddit, Facebook, Twitter… hundreds of thousands of people are standing up against the ruling. And on the legal front, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has already announced a multi-state lawsuit challenging the vote. The FCC’s ruling is really just the beginning of a protracted legal and political battle: the future of the internet won’t be determined so easily.

I see war as Disney sets out to acquire Fox

On Thursday, Disney announced it’s buying a big chunk of 21st Century Fox. The media juggernaut announced their plan to buy 21st Century Fox for over $66 billion, the second-largest merger this year. The deal will include Fox’s movie studios, networks Nat Geo and FX, and a 60% stake in Hulu, among other things.

In Disney’s all-out media domination, if this deal goes through, they can finally check “streaming market” off their bucket list. This merger will allow Disney to sell a trifecta of streaming services: a sports streaming platform, Hulu, and in 2019, their own mega movie and TV subscription service.

What do you see?

Target is also spending a cool $550 million to acquire Shipt.

Silicon Times


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