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Nigeria’s Paystack partners with Truecaller for secure payments

Nigerian startup, Paystack has partnered Swedish caller ID firm Truecaller to allow more merchants across Africa to accept payments online in a frictionless and secure manner by leveraging Truecaller’s mobile identity product Truecaller SDK.

The partnership will also provide powerful tools that businesses and startups across Africa can use to verify the mobile identity of their customers, and in turn, further help in creating more trust in the online payments landscape on the continent. Previously, all merchants that used Paystack, which processes nearly 20%t of all online transactions in Nigeria, had to be registered with various regulatory bodies. The partnership with Truecaller means they can now verify their mobile identity via Truecaller SDK.

Integrating Truecaller’s mobile number identity product as a verification mechanism strengthens the Paystack platform’s merchant verification process and makes it possible to open up Paystack to millions of unregistered businesses who were previously unable to accept online payments with using the startup’s platf

This partnership with Truecaller allows Paystack to deliver on our promise of trust as well as a frictionless experience. We want to be able to guarantee that all businesses paid via Paystack are thoroughly checked for legitimacy and credibility. In a low-trust environment like Nigeria where many people are paying online for the first time, it’s important to deliver a safe, fraud-free experience, and this is a responsibility that Paystack takes extremely seriously.” Said Paystack CEO, Shola Akinlade.

Paystack will also use Truecaller as a verification option for local developers and startups who want to verify the identity of their own customers on Paystack’s developer platform.

Microsoft founder and erstwhile CEO promises to improve healthcare in Nigeria

Bill Gates, philanthropist and founder of the Microsoft Corporation arrived Nigeria on Thursday to see the first-hand progress the country is making on primary healthcare provision, polio eradication, nutrition and financial inclusion.

Through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the billionaire has invested over $9 billion in 45 African countries to reduce poverty and improve healthcare. Speaking at the National Economic Council in Abuja on Thursday, Bill Gates poked some obvious holes in the Nigerian economy.

Bill Gates has reportedly revealed plans to pay off Nigeria’s $76 million loan taken from Japan to aid the fight against polio.

Boko Haram receives hilarious welcome from locals as they returned kidnapped Dapchi School Girls

About 104 out of 110 schoolgirls recently kidnapped by Boko Haram in Northern Nigeria in February, were returned to their families on Wednesday March 21st 2018. The Islamist terrorists are reported to have received a hilarious welcome from the local population as they drove into the town in a convoy and dropped the girls before taking off back to their base unperturbed.

Unfortunately, of the returnees, five girls were confirmed dead while one is still in keeping of the terrorist group. The release of the girls came barely a week after President Muhammadu Buhari paid a visit to the affected school, where he met with the parents and promised to secure the release of their children.

The released girls were later received by the President at the Aso Rock Presidential Villa. The girls, many of them dressed in matching fawn-coloured long hijabs, boarded a Nigerian military transport plane from the Borno state capital Maiduguri to Abuja on Wednesday night.


CEMAC could be out of danger

Finally, CEMAC is gradually recovering from a difficult 2017 economic growth with a -0.1% GPD. At the end of a monetary policy committee meeting that was held in Yaounde on the March 21, 2018, the governor of BEAC, Mr. Abbas Mahamat Tolli, said, “We are out of the danger zone. The economic environment is much better but the economies remain weak. This explains the various measures we are adopting.”

According to the governor, the slight improvement of the economy is due to the increase in commodity prices on the international market and the production of crude oil. This year, BEAC forecasts a 2.1% in GPD against the -0% recorded in 2017. In the same document, it reveals that the inflationary pressure should stand at 1.8% against a community standard of 3%. As far as the external coverage rate of the currency whose fall led to fears of depreciation some months ago, it will rise to 64.2% from 57.5% in 2017.  

However, the question many are asking is, will it get back into the danger zone this year, or make enormous progress by 2018 ending?

Tunisian Road Engineer Dies in bloody battle between government and separatist-forces

The Cameroonian army within the week succeeded in releasing three hostages in the politically unstable Anglophone region of the South West. The three include a Tunisian and two Cameroonians, employees of a road construction company abducted by English-speaking separatists on March 15. According to Cameroon’s Minister of Communication, Issa Tchiroma, the operation that took the life of a Tunisian engineer, also led to the dead of four of the hostage takers.

“Our armed forces fought a battle during which they liberated those of our Tunisian compatriots and friends who were taken hostage by the terrorists… unfortunately, on the occasion of this event, a Tunisian technician lost his life, but we saved another Tunisian technician and two Cameroonians,” he noted.

The three rescued hostages were flown to Yaoundé as the Cameroonian government commiserated with the Tunisian government for the lost.

Many people have questioned why the government decided to engage the separatists in a gun battle to save the hostages knowing fully well that it could even lead to the dead of all the hostages.


Facebook loses $36 billion in market cap following user data scandal

Last Saturday, Christopher Wylie a whistle-blower told The Guardian how Facebook data of 50 million American voters was harvested without their permission. And Facebook knew about this but failed to do anything about it. The data was taken by Cambridge Analytica, a data analysis firm and used to target voters during the last US elections. Christopher used to be an employee of Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook’s stock took a beating as a result, falling nearly 7%. The social giant quickly banned Cambridge Analytica from its platform. But it seems the entire tech sector took a hit as well. After the announcement, Google shares went down 4%, Amazon down by 2.42%, and Apple dropping by 2%.

Facebook however maintains that Cambridge Analytica’s data harvesting was not a user privacy breach because “everyone involved gave their consent.” As Facebook nurses its $36 billion wounds, it is currently working to repair investor confidence.

Google launches a $300-million initiative to help news publishers get it right

Google announced they are launching the Google News Initiative (GNI) in an effort to assist journalism in the age of fake news. Over the next three years, the tech giant will put more than $300 million towards building products that help create sustainable business models for news outlets while hoping to elevate quality journalism.

Until recently, Google, Facebook, and Twitter have endured intense (and just) scrutiny by allowing the spread of false and sometimes, malevolent information that may have even influenced political elections. Last week, Facebook was caught in a furious kerfuffle following a whistleblower’s account of the social media giant allegedly selling 50 million + users’ data to an analytics firm working for the Trump campaign at the time of the election

On Monday, the scandal caused shares of the entire tech sector to plummet on Wall Street. In other words, Google’s timing on this announcement couldn’t have been better.

Twitter joins the crypto crackdown

Shortly after the ban by Facebook and Google, Twitter has finally joined the bandwagon. On Tuesday, the microblogging platform announced it was banning crypto ads. While these social media moves are steady trying to discredit crypto, Bloomberg reported that Cryptokitties, a blockchain-based game spinoff has raised $12 million from Andreessen Horowitz and other investors.

On Wednesday, the BBC reported on how a 15-year-old boy hacked a ‘hack proof’ ledger hardware wallet. He says the devices are still vulnerable, but according to CoinTelegraph, the company’s devs deny it.

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