South African Airways ‘is on the verge of bankruptcy’

It appears the South African national carrier has run out of money and may likely not be paying its workers any time soon. The South African Airways (SSA) has lost money in the past seven years and the airline’s current Chief Executive has been trying to put together the broken pieces to remedy the situation, but nothing is changing.

Africa may have found its way out of youth unemployment

The continent’s unemployment rate is surging, especially among youths and digital giants seem very concern about the situation. Just after Alibaba CEO, Jack Ma on his first trip to Africa, offered 200 young African entrepreneurs the opportunity to exercise with his company, Google recently announced plans to train millions of African youths in forging their online skills and software development. Last year, Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg toured several tech hubs in Kenya and Nigeria promising to help young entrepreneurs sharpen their digital skills.

What if President Paul Kagame wants a third term?

Earlier this year, Gambia’s power-hungry dictator, Yahya Jammeh was ousted from power after ruling for about 22 years. He did not fly out of the country until he had swept clean the coffers of the country into his pocket. 2017 elections in Rwanda seem to be falling in President Paul Kagame’s favour. If he succeeds in this election, it will be his third term of office since he took power in 1994. Same year former president Jammeh started his iron rule but Kagame is Jammeh’s opposite twin. Unlike Jammeh who has spent the last of his 22 majestic reign as a dictator, Kagame has been credited with Rwanda’s rapid economic maturity.


Cameroon’s Mobile Money Explosion wets appetite of MTN and Orange Cameroon

Ever since mobile payments took the stage in Cameroon, it’s popularity and usage has been surging (5.4 million subscribers by late 2016). The two big players in this field, MTN and Orange have unanimously but separately decided to gratify their appetites for profits by billing its mobile money users when transferring funds from one account (MTN-MTN, Orange-Orange) to another. A service that was once free.

Ecobank is going branchless

For those of you who think working with a bank could be your greatest accomplishment in life, it’s time you had a rethink, especially if you’re already working with one. A digital transformation in the banking system is taking place and Ecobank Cameroun SA is shutting down many of its branches to adopt online banking. Last week, rumours spread like wildfire on WhatsApp that Ecobank was shutting down completely. If this rumour did not scare you, I’ll eat my hat. Last year, the Pan-African bank announced that it will close many of its branches and it’s happening now.

Bishop Bala’s Assailants pay their last respects

It is usually said that you should watch out for the person who attends a funeral and cries more than the bereaved, that’s the killer. Mgr. Essomba  while delivering a homily at late Bishop Balla’s requiem mass, equivocally stated that the deceased bishop’s murderers were present at his funeral, pretending to be weeping even more than the bereaved.


Uber says money first, life next

One of Uber’s fire-hungry cars burst into flames before the ride-sharing startup could come out clear, admitting it rented out fire-prone vehicles to its drivers in Singapore. These brand of vehicles had been recalled last month over a defect that could cause them catch fire. That’s probably Uber’s greatest embarrassment this week.

UK Auto Industry suffers sales deficit

This is the fourth consecutive monthly decline in the sale of automobiles in Britain. The auto industry experienced a 9.3% drop in its overall sales in July compared to last year and it’s huge, it’s almost like the government is shutting down the industry completely.

Trump files first notification to UN to withdraw from Paris Climate Deal

President Donald Trump made more international enemies than allies in June when he threatened to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate Agreement. Yesterday, the US issued its first written notice to the UN indicating the US intends to withdraw from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. He said the deal will punish the US and cost millions of Americans their jobs.

Silicon Times


  • ICS Cameroon is organising the first-ever international customer service awards in Cameroon on October 6, 2017 at Hotel Vallee des Princes in Douala.
  • Google I/O Extended event has been launched to take place on August 5, 2017 in Douala at ActivSpaces. It is focused on bringing the local developer community in Douala together to experience the keynote and other main Google I/O sessions a few weeks later. It also includes other activities targeted to developers such as hackathon and codelab sessions.


  • Apply now for Apps Africa Innovation Awards 2017 dedicated celebrating the best in mobile and tech from across Africa. Applications are ongoing until September 10, 2017.
  • Seedstars and Enel have partnered to launch the Africa Energy Prize, rewarding tech startups striving to tackle the Africa’s energy challenges. Applications are ongoing until December 1, 2017.


  • Get a job as a Marketing Officer at Maibeta Inc, the leading technical services company in Cameroon. Candidates with proficiency and experience in marketing and sales can apply for this job.
  • Grab the chance to work as a consumer marketing, insights and analytics expert at Ecobank Cameroon SA.
  • Visit the African Union’s job portal and discover what job is waiting for you.



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