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Is agriculture the next stop for Former Konga boss, Sim Shagaya?

It is time to see how it goes with Agriculture when Sim Shagaya, the former CEO and founder of Konga, Nigeria’s e-commerce giant shows interest in this sector that is fast gaining its grounds in Nigeria’s economy.

Little has been heard of his endeavors after his exit from Konga. However, he recently expressed his support for the federal government’s intentions to close the borders to rice smuggling. It was evident as he thanked the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Audu Ogbe. Shagaya in an interactive session with young entrepreneurs in Jos motivated them to join this lucrative sector. Considering agriculture is one of the promising sectors at the forefront of replacing oil in Nigeria.

Getting youths involved in this sector will go a long way to fight against poverty,  one of Nigeria’s major challenges. With his funds and entrepreneurial skills, this sector can become very vibrant if only he really intends to invest in the sector. This could either be on the farm or along the agricultural value chain. More is still to be expected as his tweet on workers leaving their white collar jobs to embrace agriculture has raised eyebrows on what might be his next stop.

Nigerian oppositions unite to throw Buhari out of the Presidency by 2019

President Buhari’s ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) split last week when a faction emerged known as the Reform All Progressive Congress (RAPC). This split resulted from a disputed national elective convention of the party. The RAPC has withdrawn its support for the government and pitched a tent with the CUPP.

However, his party- All Progressive Congress (APC) needs to approve his candidacy. But unfortunately for Buhari APC has split off to join the other oppositions to challenge him at the 2019 elections. This split, therefore, is a serious threat to Buhari’s hopes of securing a second term in the 2019 elections.

The Splinter group Reformed-All Progressive Congress (R-APC), the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) and 37 other political parties are in this new alliance to defeat the ruling party. According to the said memorandum read by Tom Ikimi of the PDP, the parties have guaranteed the rise of a joint presidential candidate for the February 2019 elections.

KPMO to Manage Cameroon Kribi port multipurpose terminal

In order to properly manage the Kribi multipurpose port, the Cameroonian group of companies (KPMO), has signed a subcontracting terminal agreement. This agreement was signed on July 09, 2018.

According to Mr. Patrice Melom, the port managing director, during this transitory period, the port will manage the terminal itself but can subcontract another company for that purpose.  

However, this group was chosen by Cameroon for a partnership agreement in the framework of the maintenance and management of Kribi port’s multipurpose terminal.

Amidst worsening crisis, Cameroon’s president still wants to stand for the 2018 Presidential elections

Cameroon’s octogenarian president Paul Biya has announced his candidature for the 2018 Presidential elections. He made the announcement via his Twitter account, which is the first time the head of state is using the social media to announce his candidature for any election.

The announcement comes amidst a worsening conflict and rising humanitarian crisis in the Anglophone regions of the country, where separatist forces have vowed to truncate elections in the region.

President Biya is 85 and Africa’s oldest and longest-serving president. With the prevailing atmosphere of war in the Anglophone region of the country, Boko Haram incursions from the North, the age of the president and the dwindling economy of the nation, it will be difficult for anyone to conclude that all is well and set for the elections.  

Okapi Finance is fighting Kenya’s youth unemployment with motorcycles

Okapi Finance is a global money transfer company. It launched its services in Kenya with an objective to offer affordable cash transfer services. Just recently, Okapi Finance signed a partnership with Diptop Agencies to fight the rampant unemployment rate in Kenya. Youths in Nairobi’s Kibera area are set to receive funding to buy motorcycles for boda-boda business and repay using the Okapi platform.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

According to the Okapi Finance Country Manager Patrick Kihara, “Youth unemployment is rampant in our society. Okapi Finance is, however, in the process of addressing the problem to our subscribers across the country. We shall soon do the same to other parts of the country,” he says. Kibera has a total of 13 villages, and the company plans to reach out to as many youths as possible across the slum. Mr. Kihara said beneficiaries will re-pay as little as Ksh 500 daily.

This act of benevolence towards the vulnerable youth population proves Okapi Finance is indeed a blessing to the Kenyan citizens.

Absa introduces the world’s first banking service via WhatsApp 

The South African banking giant, Absa just made history as the first banking institution in the world to fully launch banking via WhatsApp.Speaking at a press briefing at the Absa brand launch, the bank confirmed that the WhatsApp banking service is a part of the group’s digital banking strategy going forward. Absa said that the new service will be part of its “social media banking” strategy. Through this, customers can now conduct “instant transactions” using Absa’s ChatBanking service.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

According to the group, clients will be able to perform instant transactions using the bank’s ChatBanking service, available on Facebook Messenger, Twitter and now WhatsApp.

It is an amazing innovation as clients will now be allowed to do banking transactions via WhatsApp.This service allows them to get their bank balance, buy electricity, purchase airtime and data, and also pay beneficiaries.

Ivorian government picks American VISA group to digitize her services

Côte d’Ivoire’s Ministry of Economy and Finance has signed a partnership agreement with the International group, a specialist in electronic payments. This is in a bid to digitize its services.

To Adama Koné, Ivorian Minister of Economy and Finance the partnership is proof of the country’s aim to have an international standard to offer services to the population.VISA group is expected to ensure the availability of financial services in every part of the country. Most especially to the population who do not have access to the traditional financial system.

It will be interesting to have more Ivorians integrated into the formal financial system and improve the quality of services. This will, in turn, encourage the use of the latest payment technologies.

Ethiopian Airlines partner with CellPoint Mobile to improve Passengers’ Mobile experience

In the quest for flight payment flexibility, Ethiopian Airlines group and skyTrax certified global airline has partnered with Cellpoint Mobile. Cellpoint Mobile is a leading provider of sales and payment technology solutions in the United States. 

“We want to make the mobile payment process as accessible and simple as possible for all our customers. We have made significant investments in technology to create a seamless user experience within our branded application. Cellpoint Mobile gives us the flexibility we were looking for to add the payment methods we need, quickly and easily, and to advise us how to improve the profitability of our growing digital channel,” said Miretab Teklaye, Digital Director of Ethiopian Airlines.

However, Ethiopian Airlines hope to capture a larger share of the international travel market in Africa, through this partnership. Also, this opportunity might help to strengthen the group’s presence on the African continent.  

Ethiopia and Eritrea finally at Peace with each other

After 20 years of a bitter military stand-off, Ethiopia and Eritrea have finally reached a peaceful settlement. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has committed himself to respect the international boundaries between the two countries defined by the United Nations.

As a landlocked country, Ethiopia now wants to re-open two roads connecting to two of Eritrea’s Red Sea ports. This is a priority in the two nations’ reconciliation process, a government spokesman said on Wednesday.

It is expected that this historic reconciliation would transform politics and security in the once volatile Horn region, which lies along one of the world’s busiest shipping routes. Haven achieved this feat just after 100 days in office, it would not be surprising for Abiy Ahmed to become a Nobel Peace laureate.


Uber partners with Lime as the scooter wars rev up

Recently, Uber joined forces with the citrus-centric scooter startup Lime in a $335 million funding round. Lime’s Series C closed just 2 weeks after rival Bird pulled in its own $300 million round. This puts Lime scooters on the map. But more importantly, it escalates the mobility war between ride-sharing giants like Uber and Lyft.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

Google led the round, bringing Lime’s overall funding to $467 million. But the race for scooter supremacy is just kicking off. Both Lime and Bird hit the $1 billion milestone in less than a year and a half, but Bird was the fastest company to become a unicorn in history. Uber and Lyft are competing across the fronts of ride-sharing, bike-sharing and now, scooter-sharing to become a “one-stop shop” for transportation.

Just last week, Lyft announced its acquisition of the largest bike-sharing company in America, Motivate, for $250 million — challenging Uber, which bought bike-sharing company Jump in April for around $200 million. As the companies continue to mimic each other, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to compete without undercutting their own business.

Your social media following may soon shrink

Don’t be surprised if your number of Twitter followers suddenly drops this week. Twitter said it’s purging tens of millions of suspicious accounts from its platform. Most people will lose four or fewer followers, but the big-time accounts of celebrities and other famous people will lose many more. The move comes after The New York Times reported a firm that sold millions of fake followers to customers eager to boost their stature and influence on Twitter.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

Facebook is also waging war on the fake stuff, too. The company held a big presentation for the media in which it bragged about its efforts to get fake news and misinformation off its pages. But during a Q&A with reporters, the head of Facebook’s News Feed couldn’t explain why a company like InfoWars, which peddles conspiracy theories, is still on its platform.

That aside, UK regulators recently slapped Facebook with a hefty fine because of that Cambridge Analytica scandal. Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm took tens of millions of Facebook users’ data without their permission. Facebook pretty much knew about it but didn’t do much to stop it. Now, the UK’s asking Facebook to write a $664,000 check for not being transparent. It’s the first fine since the scandal is going down and Zuck’s wallet is about to get a little lighter.

China’s Xiaomi slumps after IPO

In a slow start for the first of what may be a slew of Chinese tech firms selling shares to the public, the Chinese smartphone maker fell to about 4% in its trading debut in Hong Kong. Xiaomi planned to raise enough in the IPO for a $100 billion valuation. But investors only had enough gas in the tank to get it to $54 billion, with stock dipping as much as 6% and closing just 1% up from the open price.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

Analysts speculate that Xiaomi’s valuation may have been overly ambitious compared to the likes of already-public phone makers like Apple, and investors simply weren’t buying the hype. The recent tariff-off between the US and China also may have investors wary, as Xiaomi will need to break into the American market at some point if it wants to keep growing.

Notwithstanding, they’re still the 4th-most valuable smartphone maker in the world, and their executives are still billionaires. Founder and CEO Lei Jun owns about 28% of the company, a stake now worth about $14B, and President Lin Bin’s 12.5% stake made him a cool $6 billion.

China retaliates with $34 billion worth of tariffs on US exports

It was only a matter of time before China struck back. Following through on their promise to retaliate against Trump’s 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of Chinese imports, China levied a 25% tariff on $34 billion worth of US exports. The new Chinese tariff affects 545 US exports. The whole thing feels like a face-off for a real fight. China doesn’t appear to be backing down any time soon. China claims the US has violated WTO rules, calling the back-and-forth the largest trade war in economic history.

The Hustler’s Digest - China Hits Retaliation Button, Launching Shivery Tariffs Against the US

Meanwhile, businesses are now caught in the middle. On the US front, some exports will be canceled immediately, leading to short-term revenue loss for those businesses. The effects on consumers may take longer to see.

About 60% of US-China trade involves “parts and supplies,” rather than finished products. So, businesses making the products will feel the effects before consumers. Harley-Davidson is already moving some of its manufacturing overseas as a result of the US tariffs. As a result, both the US and Chinese consumers may want to anticipate price spikes in the near future.

Silicon Times


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