Most of the time we look at the modeling industry with a different conception. Modeling is great! It’s an integral part in fashion and advertising. Models play an incredible role in influencing consumers’ purchase behaviours. Still, in good faith,  we reintroduce Hovareigns Modeling Agency based in Buea, the town of ‘Legendary Hospitality’ of South West Region of Cameroon. Mr Lukong Jude Kiven, the Director of Hovareigns Modeling Agency will tell us more about his experiences in the modeling business.



Tell us about yourself and Hovareigns

My name is Lukong Jude Kiven, Director of Hovareigns Modeling Agency and Head of Operations at AECO Ltd. Hovareigns is a Cameroon Based Modeling Agency with headquarter in Buea, South West Region. It was founded in 2012 in collaboration with FBI fashion House now known as Fabric Doctor.

What is your mission?

Hovareigns is out to train mental, physical and spiritual professionals for a well-deserved corporate environment.

We learned that Hovareigns Modelling Agency has been down for a while. Tell us what happened?

The agency has been down because my conception of the entertainment industry in general and modeling, in particular, was abused when I realised that the reality was not as lucid as the picture which gave me the zeal and ambition to dwell In the industry. This made me wonder what I could do to contribute positively to the industry which I so much love to see growth in the right direction. I realised it would be difficult to bring change if I had inadequate capital run the biz. So I had to stop and get things in place first.

What made you invest in the modeling sector?

I developed the passion for fashion and modelling way back in my secondary school days. As I grew older, the desire increased and when I could, I decided to invest in the sector. My drive was also motivated by the difficulties I faced while striving to hit the spotlight. Having passed through the narrow road, I found pleasure in helping others avoid the many hitches while preparing them for the realities of the profession.

Tell us what difference you aspire to bring forth to the industry after the holidays

Hovareigns is back with a movement geared towards educating young Cameroonians; most especially the girls who are more exposed to the realities of the industry. Making them know the advantages as well as the dangers involved and guiding the participants to making rational decisions patterning to offers and contracts. We have spent a long time observing from the background and noting our points; waiting for the right time to make that one strong move towards change.

What major challenges have you faced before?

I would say:

  • Gaining recognition;
  • Getting recommendations;
  • Getting jobs and contracts;
  • Introducing our vision and values.


And how have you prepared to face these drawbacks?

We are back, this time with a true hustler’s mindset.  Hovareigns Modeling Agency is ready to transform all drawbacks and obstacle into challenges then design the best possible solutions to overcome them.

How many models has Hovareigns Modeling Agency?

Hovareigns is operating with three signed models at the moment.

 How do you plan to make them get more commercials

Following our new plan of action, more commercials are not our priority.  We focus more on instilling in our models the mind to see clearly the challenges that await them. As a part of AECO Ltd with so many opportunities and networks in the corporate landscape, we are convinced that getting jobs for ready models will not be much of a worry. We are also opening up and creating links with companies, fashion houses and agencies with similar goals.

There is a controversy about the modeling industry and sex, especially female models. What can you say about this?

Just like you rightly said, it is a controversy with no justified facts to back up the claims. Modeling is a profession that gives stakeholders so much exposure with the liberty to use it for whatever they deem pleasant. I cannot individually ascertain the rate of truth or falsity factors in this argument. Nonetheless, I advise all the stakeholders in the industry to stand their grounds and prove to those spreading such rumors that models are professionals in their domain just like every other professional and should be regarded as such.


Is it true that Models are exploited in Cameroon? State an instance.

It is true that models go through a lot of challenges on their road to the top just like every other professional. Exploitation may not be the right word to use, but I think if these models are trained as professionals with strict job ethics, a lot of stress will be solved.

Tell us how your agency is going to handle all these allegations?

Hovareigns Modeling Agency is not here to compete with other modelling agencies that exist in Cameroon and the world. We are simply here to make a difference and be leaders in our segment.

One last advice for any person who is passionate about being a model

Before getting into modeling it is vital to understand your drive and reason for wanting to join. Measure them against the challenges and obstacles in the industry, then if you find it worthwhile to be a part of the system, develop your code of conduct and success strategies before stepping in. Note that passion is not all it takes to be a model.  Models are supposed to be looked upon with admiration. Therefore, build yourselves to be the leaders and role models of our generation.

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