An HIV vaccine is presently being tested in South Africa. According to scientists, it is the first large study of an HIV vaccine’s effectiveness since 2009. It was announced in July that this Vaccine will be tested in South Africa by the end of the year.

The vaccine stems from a landmark trial in Thailand in 2009 that was the first to show any protection against HIV, with 31% protection against the virus. This was enough to get experts in the field excited after years with no success.However, it is only after 4years that results will be gotten from South Africa.

South Africa has about 7million people living with the virus, probably why it’s being tested there first. There has been a continuous strive to develop an HIV vaccine, but experts hope this will be the final solution.

The study which is code-named HVTN 702 is meant to enroll about 5400 sexually healthy young men and women. It is being led by South Africa’s Glenda Gray, a university research professor and head of South Africa’s Medical Research Council.

“It will tell us whether the initial success observed [at a smaller scale] will bear fruit in the form of a safe and effective HIV vaccine designed for the people of southern Africa,” Glenda Gray said.

This virus has killed over 30,000,000 people all over the world. Even with the presence of anti-retroviral drugs, it’s still so difficult for most carriers to live with the virus. Some suffer rejection from their society, and end up dying due to that. The vaccine if successful, will be a great relief to society.


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