is a relatively new concept in which has been received with a lot of skepticism. But this fear is gradually becoming something of the past from the moment people learned of and began using HiTech Cameroon which is situated opposite Landmark University Molyko. HiTech is all about easing our way of life through service delivery at your doorsteps.

HiTech Cameroon is not mainly for technological services, they also deal in the delivery of clothes, cars, shoes. In fact, anything a customer can see online and is interested in, they ensure it is brought to your doorsteps. And do you know the interesting thing? Well, the customer will only pay for the good(s) at delivery. This is to curb the rate of scamming which is done online and which renders people very skeptical about ordering goods online. They have a full online presence at

Another very interesting thing with HiTech is that THERE ARE NO CHARGES FOR DELIVERY!!! Can you imagine that? One hundred percent services without you having to spend extra from what you had previewed. No matter the country that is supplying the good, if the customer passes through HiTech, the good usually arrives within a period of one week. As at now, they have already been able to proof their uniqueness from EVERY OTHER e-commerce platform that exists in Cameroon.

In spite of the difficulties faced at the start of the company such as the fear of scamming, the HiTech crew attests to the fact that customers who have done business with them have full trust in them now especially as they maintain their policies of payment at delivery. They say they are slow but steady because they want to lay the best foundation and achieve their dream of being the number one e-commerce in Cameroon.

This service, which started two years ago,  has recorded clients in Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Chad, and in Cameroon. There are equally customers in the U.S and U.K that contact them in order to supply goods for their relatives who are here in Cameroon. And hey!!! THEY PROVIDE AFTER SALES SERVICES such as installation of apps on phones, product upgrade or changing of choice.

What are you then waiting for? There couldn’t be any better services for you to get your dream product at your disposal.

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