Today is the 25th of March. It is the final day for submission of proposals for Google Summer of Code. If you do not submit today you lose the opportunity to participate in one of the most glorious stay-at-home internship programs in the tech industry, and you lose the opportunity to get paid that 5500 USD stipend from Google you’ve been planning to use as seed capital for your startup idea.

We earlier had some key points to success from , our veteran. Today he has this final you should take note of before you submit your proposal.

Student applications close today at 8 pm (GMT + 1). As a mentor looking at student proposals being submitted by the minute ( from the *backend* ), I will advise that student make sure they do the following ;

1. Submit Proof of enrollment TODAY !
I will advise students to have SCANNED COPIES of their STUDENT ID CARDS, ONLINE Form B’s ( preferably showing Second-semester courses ) or Form A2’s AND CERTIFICATE OF SCHOOL ATTENDANCE ( Apply at Transcript office and get within a few days ). Have a copy of ALL, so that if Google rejects one, then you immediately submit the others.

2. Submit Final PDFs of proposals TODAY !
Students who have not submitted Final PDF versions of each of their proposals haven’t yet applied for GSoC. It doesn’t matter if 100 Mentors reviewed your draft proposal. The proposal which will be examined by your organization is your FINAL PDF PROPOSAL. Make sure you submit this TODAY !

3. Defend Your Project Proposal After Applications !
After student applications close ( between March 26th and April 14th ), there’ll be lots of competition ! How do you distinguish yourself from other students ? This is important for those of you competing in organizations with a huge number of Indian applicants.
Continue working on that patch / pull request which your mentor told you to work on. If you just promised to demonstrate your competence, then work on that patch / pull request. If Mentors said you’ve no further work to do, then work on any patch / pull request of your choice.

3. Don’t ask Mentors About your Status !
They may get frustrated and give you a difficult task to do ( to shut you up ! ). Wait for the announcement from Google on April 22nd at 8 PM !

5. PRAY AS IF YOU NEVER APPLIED 1,2,3,4 above !

Good luck as you do all these last things today.

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