The national broadband suffers from heavy congestion and leaves the government with no other choice than to do an upgrade of the system. This is so evident, due to the recurrent inconsistencies of internet connectivity in Cameroon. In this light, a protocol agreement has been signed between the Cameroon government and the electricity supply company ENEO for the transfer of surplus capacity from their optical fibres in an effort to upgrade the  National BroadBand and boost digital economy.

The Ministry of Post and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL) will make great use of Eneo’s energy as it shall enable  the Ministry to improve national broadband service provision.

The minister of Post and Telecommunications who signed on behalf  of the government of Cameroon confirmed that the protocol will help his ministry meet its electronic communication needs and definitely modernise information and control systems in the country.

ENEO’s Director General, Nana Kontchou who signed for the electricity company said the agreement will ensure the quality  at a digital age.

Experts estimated the surplus from ENEO worth 986 strands of optic fibre cables, of this, 812 kms is due to be transferred to other companies.The agreement signed, therefore, stipulates that ENEO will transfer 78 strands of the optical fibre to MINPOSTEL to improve on the power transmission grid. If this is done the digital economy will be boosted.

Since the burst of the .com bubble, the world has embraced the internet as the main channel for the flow of communication. With billions of online transactions happening almost at the same time there’s bound to be high traffic. Over time developed countries have solved the traffic problem by installing broadband infrastructures that have markedly improved the speed of the internet.

As the Government is making strides to upgrade the National BroadBand, we are glad for such a brilliant initiative. Cameronians are now smart adopters in this  digital age. This could be seen as a majority of Cameroonians depends on the internet as the main tool for communication. We believe this initiative is what the people has always prayed for.

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