Little girl cries for President Obama.

The coming to an end of president Barack Obama’s mandate in office  caused  a four-year-old girl to tear up. This little girl from Beaverton, Oregon called Abella, shed tears because her mother told her president Obama will soon leave office, come January 20, 2017, when the 45th president will be inaugurated.

As the story goes, Abella’s mother who had been listening to speeches at the Democratic National Convention in the car. Abella Tomlins asked her mother what was going on and received a response that President Obama will no longer be president when his mandate ends. The girl became worried and to express her frustration she began crying. She even went further to ask her mother, Andrea, if she could watch a movie as it ‘would make me feel better’.

“So I explained to her that the country is getting ready to elect a new president.

“She immediately had tears running down her face and explained to me that Barack Obama was our president and how could we get a new one when we already had one,’ said her mother.

The news about Obama leaving office was a shock to Abella as she exclaimed “I miss Obama.” she further explained to the mother that Obama to her is the president and she doesn’t see any person who is so better than him as president.

“Abella has been an Obama fan since day one. She has grown up with him as a hero in our household,” says the girl’s mother.

This is clear indication that the girl has found Obama as her role model  and has become a deep-rooted fan of the president. In an effort to appease Abella her mother  tried to find out from her if she thinks Hilary Clinton would make a better president. But that wasn’t a solution as it only made Abella to cry the more.

“After the video ended, Abella asked if we could ‘just pretend that Obama would still be the president’ and could he please have dinner with us,” said Andrea.

Andrea added, “I don’t allow her to see anything about Trump.

“I find him to be unpredictable and inappropriate for most, and definitely for my kids.

“I don’t want her to see a grown man making fun of people or using hate speech,” she added.

Source: Dailymail

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